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Dua Lipa does a headstand in a crop top and heels

Dua Lipa does a headstand
Dua Lipa does a headstand. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Dua Lipa is the cover girl for Vogue’s June/July issue as she continues to slay in 2022. 

The Levitating singer treated fans to an appearance on Vogue’s 73 questions in a Thierry Mugler suit. But it wasn’t her custom couture that got fans talking. 

An interviewer asked her about her likes, favorite things to do, and progress in yoga. Towards the end of the video, Dua did a headstand, and she did it in heels and a crop top. 

Very impressive!

Dua Lipa does a headstand in heels

During her segment of Vogue’s 73 questions, the interviewer asked Dua about her yoga practice. Digging a bit deeper, the interviewer asked Dua what the most challenging pose she could do was.

Dua answered that the most challenging pose she learned was a Crow Pose into a headstand. Naturally, the interviewer asked to see her yoga moves. There was only one problem– she was wearing heels and jeans.

Nonetheless, Dua obliged and got into a crow pose, with her knees resting on her elbows. She took the pose to the next level and used her body weight to lift her legs into the air.

The Crow pose and headstand take incredible core strength, upper body strength, and balance, and Dua performed it seamlessly. The fact that Dua did the yoga poses in heels and jeans was a testament to her ability. 

Dua Lipa performs a headstand
Pic credit: @vogue/Youtube

Dua Lipa answers questions for Vogue 

Dua Lipa enlightened fans on a variety of topics during her quickfire question and answer session filmed for Vogue. Dua made quite an entrance as she came off of a platform in an embellished Thierry Mugler suit that she performed in on her Future Nostalgia tour. The fun video lasted nearly 13 minutes and provided novel information about the London-based songstress.

Dua revealed that she was nearly one-quarter of the way finished with her massive tour. She shared that her favorite thing to do when she arrives in a new city is finding a good restaurant and a fun dive bar.

The singer also poked fun at herself, and a viral moment that left critics insulting her dance moves. To that end, she said “message received” regarding the criticism she got. Dua also gave a behind-the-scenes look at her Future Nostalgia tour and crew members. 

Finally, she discussed Service95, her new podcast that she launched while on tour.

With the 2021 number one Billboard hit of the year, a world tour, a new podcast, and gracing the cover of Vogue, Dua is having a great year.

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