Drew Barrymore in white lace lingerie channels Madonna

Drew Barrymore lingerie Pic credit: © KGC-146/
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Drew Barrymore celebrates GOD
Drew Barrymore channels her inner Madonna for The Drew Barrymore Show in white lingerie. Pic credit: © KGC-146/StarMaxWorldwide

Drew Barrymore shared a throwback from last year’s Halloween, where she drew inspiration from a very famous pop star: Madonna.

As an actor, Drew has never been afraid to commit to a role, and she used those talents to step up her Halloween game.

Drew posted on social media using her daytime television show’s Instagram and her main page to throw things back to last year’s costume.

The choice of a Madonna era was no easy feat since the singer is widely considered one of the most influential figures in popular culture.

However, Drew made her decision and opted for the legendary pop icon’s 1984 Like a Virgin look.

Based on the two photos that Drew posted, she certainly captured Madonna’s essence.

Drew Barrymore gives her best Madonna

In the first photo, posted on Drew’s feed, she held a mirror as she placed the finishing touches on her look.

The actress gave it her all with a white bustier and matching fishnet overlay. The savvy businesswoman took the chance to tag her beauty line, FLOWER beauty, identifying her brand as the lip color she used to decorate her pout.

Drew rocked curly hair with a bow headband keeping the curls out of her face. She wore lace fingerless gloves and a red manicure. She also sported rosy cheeks and bright red lips, which perfectly complemented the ensemble.

The ET star wore the infamous Boy Toy belt, taking things up a notch.

Drew adorned her wrists and neck in pearls featuring a rosary necklace.

The second photo showed Drew seemingly impressed with her makeup artistry, with a set visible in the background.

In Drew’s caption, she revealed that she was daydreaming about the Madonna look.

Drew’s 2022 Halloween costume is unknown at this time, but with the holiday rapidly approaching, time will certainly tell.

Drew Barrymore’s show, The Drew Barrymore Show

Drew has been an actor for most of her life. Therefore, her comfort in front of the cameras isn’t a surprise. Neither was her ability to succeed in daytime television.

As a bonus, Drew has a lifetime of followers and supporters, many of whom have grown up watching the actress perform.

The show began in September 2020, when many people were still cooped up at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This gave some people a lot of leisure time to watch television, and some may consider Drew’s timing perfect.

The Drew Barrymore Show is now in Season 3.

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