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Dr. Dre net worth details: Producer’s monthly income, cash assets revealed in court documents amid divorce battle

Dre and Nicole
Details about Dr. Dre’s finances have emerged amid a battle with his ex-wife over their prenup. Pic credit: ©

Details of music mogul Dr. Dre’s finances have been revealed in court documents amid his divorce battle with former wife Nicole Young.

She filed for divorce in June 2020, citing irreconcilable differences.

Earlier this year her divorce from the 55-year-old musician became official. However, Dr. Dre is still in a legal battle with Nicole over the validity of their prenuptial agreement.

Young, Dre’s wife for over 24 years, wants the prenuptial agreement ripped up, claiming that the N.W.A rapper said that he would not enforce it.

He fired back, denying ever reversing his decision regarding their pre-marriage agreement.

Nicole Young was previously married to former NBA player Sedale Threatt. She married Dr. Dre in 1996, and they share two children.

Dr. Dre’s monthly income ‘averages at $228,000’

According to Radar Online, details of Dr. Dre’s finances were revealed after Young requested he pay $4 million of her legal fees as they battle each other in court over his estate. She also reportedly claims he still owes her $1.2 million from a previous court order.

The court documents are said to reveal a lot of the rapper and producer’s income and expenses, but not how much he has made from his host of current business interests.

Dr. Dre’s total net worth is commonly estimated between $800 million to over $1 billion, half of which Young claims she is entitled to.

The bulk of his money came from him and Jimmy Lovine founding Beats Electronics in 2006 then selling the company to Apple for $3 billion in a cash and stock deal, making it the largest acquisition by Apple at the time.

The court documents reportedly claim that he has a staggering $182 million in cash in the bank, along with over $6 million in stocks and $269 million in real estate and personal property.

His monthly income reportedly averages $228,000 per month — including $84,000 from stock dividends and $120,000 from unspecified sources.

In the last year, The Chronic rapper reportedly sold over $73 million from his Apple stock portfolio, and earned an additional $4 million from his Dr. Dre business.

In terms of outgoings, the entrepreneur reportedly spent approximately $17 million in the past year on things like gifts, charity, mortgages, and other expenses.

Dr. Dre produces prenup copy former wife claims he tore up

In separate court documents, Dr. Dre has produced the pre-nuptial agreement which his former wife claims he destroyed, and which she says she signed under duress.

The entrepreneur and musician has accused his former wife of making false claims of abuse to get his money, citing a restraining order that was reportedly denied due to a lack of evidence.

“After I learned Nicole had filed for divorce, I told her I wanted to keep our divorce ‘classy and fair,’ and that I did not want to turn it into an expensive fight,” he reportedly said, adding:

“My last text to Nicole in early August of 2020 ended with me saying, ‘Let’s keep it friendly and peaceful. Over and Out. I love you.’”

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