Dove Cameron goes braless in cutout top

Dove Cameron posing for the camera
Dove Cameron’s green eyes look stunning with purple metallic eyeshadow. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Dove Cameron has proven over and over again what a talented and fashion-forward artist she is.

Recently, she has attended many fashion shows, including New York Fashion Week and now Paris Fashion Week.

Not long ago, she switched her iconic and signature blonde hair for a dark brown. But, she also has changed her style a lot, as well as her music.

The Boyfriend singer attended the Monot Womenswear SS23 Show while attending the fashion event in Paris.

She wore a fun black cutout top, which had a piece of long fabric going over her right shoulder while her left one remained bare. The piece went to her back and then around her neck, giving it a halter top illusion before falling all the way to her knees.

She styled this asymmetric backless top with some formal white wide-leg pants.

Dove Cameron wears a backless top for fashion show

For accessories, she put on long, thin earrings, two gold heart necklaces, and a pair of modern black sunglasses.

Her long now-brown hair was styled down and straight with the front pieces behind her ear for a more slicked look. She put on an intense and dramatic brown cat eye to make her eyes pop and matched it to a similar color on her lips.

The ex-Disney Channel actress posed smiley for the camera next to Davikah, a Thai actress and model, in recently shared pictures on her Instagram.

Dove Cameron talks about her album Breakfast

The 26-year-old American singer and actress released her song Boyfriend early this year, which became her first solo song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

After the success of Boyfriend, Cameron released her second single, titled Breakfast, off her awaited debut album. Later, she released the music video, which had a very powerful and empowering message she wanted to tell the world.

In this video, the roles are reversed, and the singer puts on a suit and sits at the table to read her morning newspaper before heading to work. She portrays the role of the stereotypical male with power, who treats her wife poorly and makes the women at work uncomfortable.

Cameron told Vogue Magazine, “I wrote Breakfast around the same time I wrote Boyfriend, at a time when I was feeling incredibly disempowered as a young woman. I was just expressing my feelings of being discounted or cajoled or underestimated, and thinking, What the f**k is this power dynamic between men and women that constantly leaves women getting the sh**ty end of the stick?”

Watch Dove Cameron deliver a very important message in her Breakfast music video.

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