Donovan Mitchell Spider-Man commercial: Watch ad in full as NBA star says featuring was ‘sooo dope’

Tom Holland and Donovan Mitchell
Tom Holland and Donovan Mitchell aka Spida in a new ad for Spider-Man: Far from Home. Pic credit: Donovan Mitchell/Twitter

Utah Jazz shooting guard Donovan Mitchell, aka Spida, teamed up with Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Tom Holland for a new commercial promoting the upcoming film, set to premiere on July 2.

The ad also promotes Mitchell’s Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 shoes, set to debut on July 1.

The 30-second spot released on Tuesday features actor Tom Holland, Donovan Mitchel, and Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

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In the ad, there is a mix-up regarding Holland and Mitchell’s luggage when they arrive at their hotel.

Holland mistakenly receives  Mitchell’s luggage and ends up with his Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 shoes, while Mitchell receives Holland’s Spider-Man suit due to an error by the hotel staff.

While Holland is upset about the mix-up, Mitchell is happy to have the superhero’s suit. He tries on the suit and shoots a web, but Holland finds him before he is able to get into more mischief.

Holland is surprised to see Mitchell wearing his Spider-Man suit, and being a fan Mitchell wants to keep it longer.

“Can I just have 10 more minutes?” he pleads.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal also appears in the ad. He complains about the noise from Spida’s room, but before he leaves, he confesses he is a Spida fan.

Mitchell took to social media after the ad was released to comment about it.

“Classic hotel bag mix-up, but I’m totally cool with it. @tomholland1996,” he wrote. “Can I keep it? #SpiderManFromHome #ad.”

He enthused about being on the ad and promised fans that “more stuff” is coming.

“Man to be in that commercial was sooo dope!! Got a lot more stuff coming out soon!!!” he wrote. “God is so good man!!!”

Mitchell’s Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 has already received several celebrity endorsements and the new ad offers more promotion for the shoes. The acronym D.O.N. stands for Determination Over Negativity.

Mitchell teased fans about the ad in May when he posted photos of Holland wearing his shoes with the Amazing Spider-Man color scheme.

Adidas confirmed that  Mitchell’s shoes will go on sale on July 1 on and that it will be available at retail stores beginning July 5. The shoes will cost only $100.

The red and blue Amazing Spider-Man color scheme will be released on July 1, while the pink and black Symbiote Spider-Man will be released on July 18.

The Stealth Spider-Man color scheme will become available beginning August 1. The Iron Spider red and gold will be on sale beginning August 31.

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