Donna D’Errico sizzles in white and red bikinis while clapping back at ‘too old’ comment

Donna D’Errico sizzles in white and red bikinis while clapping back at ‘too old' comment
Donna D’Errico sizzled in a white bikini and a red bikini as the gorgeous actress showed her killer figure has remained the same after decades. Pic credit: © Steffens/AdMedia

Donna D’Errico has grown older with grace, but that doesn’t mean the actress has retired from wearing swimwear.

Donna earned Playboy Playmate of the Month status in September 1995 as an up-and-coming face in Hollywood. The following year, the blonde beauty graced millions of screens as a lifeguard on Baywatch.

As fans could likely see from Donna’s recent social media post, things weren’t much different than in the 90s when she became famous.

The model has been around for a while, recently gaining steam on social media thanks to posts like her recent video.

Donna posted the bikini clip on Instagram for the enjoyment of her 1.2 million followers. Many fans left likes for Donna, and she also received a lot of love in the comments section.

Donna has stayed on top of her game, and fans are here for it.

Donna D’Errico stuns in multiple bikinis

The clip began with Donna standing in her bedroom, wearing a white bikini. The white bikini was quite skimpy, with embroidery and embellishments featured throughout the garment.

Donna did a twirl, standing on her tippy-toes, with Feeling Good by Michael Bublé in the background.

Then, she approached the camera, turning it off to change into another smoking look. When Donna reappeared on film, she wore a fire-red bikini highlighting her famous curves and tiny waist.

Donna referenced her age, clapping back at nasty age-shamers who have trolled her comments in the past.

Donna’s caption read, “Someone please tell me again how I’m too old to be wearing bikinis. Next! #linkinbio.”

The actress showed that living well is the best revenge, looking better than most in their twenties.

Donna D’Errico’s vegan diet

Donna has been a staunch animal rights activist, posing for PETA and raising awareness about animal cruelty.

Donna’s love for animals motivated her veganism.

She told Fox News she met director Sam Simon, who showed her a film about factory farms.

Donna explained, “At that time, I had no idea there were factory farms or what they were. I didn’t know what conditions these animals were in before they ended up on our plates and in grocery stores. I lived in the dark.”

The factory farming documentary caused Donna to cry and become a vegan.

Donna also said that she thought her vegan diet was the secret to her youthful appearance.

Donna revealed, “There were happy benefits, like clearer skin, better digestion, better sleep – but that’s not why I do it. I do it for the animals.”

Whatever the reason, Donna’s vegan diet has well-suited her.

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