Donna D’Errico shares BTS look at photo shoot

Donna D'errico Smiling
Donna D’Errico stuns in latest photoshoot. Pic credit: © Charlie Steffens/AdMedia

Donna D’Errico looked captivating in her latest black and white photoshoot. The Baywatch star shot with Manfred Baumann for his worldwide exhibition in cooperation with LEICA.  

The stunning actress wore multiple looks during her behind-the-scenes video. She started off wearing a gorgeous two-piece blazer that fit her perfectly. The blazer featured a deep v-neckline and silver embellishments along the hem and bust. It was paired with matching black trousers that skimmed over her legs. 

For her shoes, she kept things classy but stylish, wearing black open-toed shoes for a simple look. 

She would later switch things up with a patent leather moto jacket. Donna opted to go without a shirt and went for a braless look to keep the focus on the jacket. 

Afterward, she finished the photoshoot wearing a sheer striped shirt while posing for the camera.  

For hair and makeup, Donna went for a classic look. She wore her hair down in a side part with light curls that flowed off her shoulders. Her makeup included brown smokey eyeshadow and nude lipstick. 

Donna D’Errico spills the secret to her skin and body 

For decades, Donna has looked amazing and seems to be turning back the clock with aging. While many people have wondered about her secret, she has been tight-lipped until recently. 

While talking to Fox News, she admitted that veganism has helped her immensely. She told the publication that she changed her diet once she watched a documentary on how factory farms had harmed animals. Donna, being a huge animal lover, went vegan immediately and never looked back. 

While she didn’t consider the effects of becoming vegan, she quickly experienced the perks of the diet. “There were happy benefits, like clearer skin, better digestion, better sleep – but that’s not why I do it,” Donna explained.  

Donna D’Errico looked unrecognizable in her movie Frank and Penelope 

Donna transformed for her latest movie, Frank and Penelope. The brunette bombshell dyed her hair blonde and put it in a messy ponytail to channel her character, Mabel. 

The 54-year-old wore a loose-fitting tea-length floral wrap dress with breezy sleeves, a matching belt, and a tight v-neckline.  

Getting into character, Donna was styled in a more simple look with no jewelry or accessories. For her shoes, she went for something comfortable and wore beige flats.

She went for a no-makeup look, wearing neutral eyeshadow and lipstick to stay true to the character.      

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