Donna D’Errico reminisces in touching post to her past self

Donna D'Errico Facebook
Donna showcases her striking beauty as a blonde. Pic credit: Donna D’Errico/Facebook

Brunette bombshell Donna D’Errico shared a stunning throwback photo with a tender message aimed at her younger self.

Not only has Donna found success as an actress and model, but she’s also proven that she has a heart of gold.

Donna has captivated audiences for decades with her beauty, charm, and work as an animal rights activist.

And although she often shares kind words with her millions of adoring fans and followers, she recently redirected her kindness toward herself.

To kick off the weekend, Donna shared a gorgeous throwback photo of herself posing along the beach.

In the snap, Donna was sporting her once-signature blonde hair color as she smiled at the camera. The Baywatch actress’s makeup was minimal, just enough to highlight her natural beauty.

Donna D’Errico shares a gorgeous throwback photo with a heartfelt message to her younger self

Donna was clad in a periwinkle-colored minidress with button detailing down the front, and she clutched a pair of gold heels in one hand. She placed her other hand on her hip and sported a French manicure, and wore a delicate choker-length necklace to accessorize her simple yet alluring look.

donna d'errico shares a throwback pic in her Instagram story
Donna shared a throwback photo with a touching message. Pic credit: @donnaderrico/Instagram

Although Donna’s beauty was evident in the sunny photo, it was her caption that really tugged at her followers’ heartstrings.

Donna wrote, “A flashback pic. So sweet. So naive. Oh the warnings I could give this girl. She made it through hell and back. I just wish I could have saved her the trip.”

Although Donna didn’t specify what “hell” she went through, she has spoken about her troubled past before.

Donna opened up about her traumatic past

During an interview with Inside Edition in 2018, Donna revealed that she was raped when she was 22 years old.

Donna detailed the harrowing event in which a stranger drove her to an unlit deserted location and raped her. After the assault, Donna’s attacker drove off, leaving her naked and alone in the dark. Eventually, Donna was able to flag down help who drove her to safety.

Donna didn’t share her story until years later, noting, “I never told anybody because I was just so ashamed of what had happened to me. I started blaming myself for the way that I was dressed. I was like, ‘Well, I brought this on myself’ because I was dressed so sexy.”

“It is very hard to talk about this kind of stuff,” Donna added.

These days, the award-winning animal advocate has found her strength again, as evidenced by her enthralling photos and her empowering messages to her fans and followers.

Donna shares her secrets to looking and feeling young

Donna is often told how fabulous she looks for her age — she turns 55 later this month — but to her, age is just a number.

Donna opened up to Extra TV about maintaining the Fountain of Youth and wasn’t afraid to admit to having a little bit of work done here and there.

“It’s not completely natural. There’s little tweaks… there’s little things. There’s help. There’s Botox, there’s some filler, there’s nips, there’s little tucks,” Donna shared.

In addition to some tweaks along the way, Donna stays fit with a vegan diet and good old-fashioned hard work at the gym. Donna has worked with Spencer Brown at Royal Personal Training in L.A. to transform her physique.

Donna has shared video of herself performing grueling plank side-to-sides to keep her abs taut and incorporates glute lifts and weighted sled pushes to keep her lower half toned and strong. At this stage in the game, Donna continues to wow her fans with her beauty, both inside and out.

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