Donna D’Errico pays homage to her Baywatch days in red swimsuit to celebrate her birthday

Donna D'Errico IG selfie November 2021
Donna snaps a selfie to show off her chocolate brown hair color. Pic credit: @donnaderrico/Instagram

Donna D’Errico saluted her Baywatch days to celebrate her birthday in a red-hot photo, proving that she’s still got it.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Donna has been gearing up for her 55th trip around the sun for the entire month of March.

The Baywatch icon previously shared a photo of herself in half of her “birthday suit” to commemorate her birthday, and now she’s spicing things up with a nod to her role as Donna Marco.

Taking to Instagram to kick off the weekend, Donna posted a sultry photo of herself clad in her trademark red one-piece lifeguard swimsuit from Baywatch.

However, Donna put a spin on the ensemble, including going back to blonde. Donna wore her red suit halfway up, removing the straps and adding a Baywatch sleeveless t-shirt.

Donna held the swimsuit’s straps with one hand and clutched her t-shirt with the other to avoid an NSFW fashion faux pas.

The former cover girl stood knee-deep in the water, with palm trees, sand, and a lifeguard station behind her. Donna looked incredible in the shot, showing off her timeless beauty and curvy physique.

“Posting some cake ? on my birthday because I said I would, because I feel like it, and because why not. Have fun today everyone. I certainly will! I love you all! ❤️❤️❤️,” Donna captioned her photo.

Donna’s caption referenced another recent Instagram post, in which she promised her fans she would be “posting some cake” on her birthday.

Donna D’Errico maintains her ‘cake’ with dedication to her exercise routine

The sexy siren maintains her “cake” with the help of a vegan diet and a disciplined exercise routine. Donna has worked with personal trainers such as Ayhan Tongadur and Spencer Brown to get her body into tip-top shape.

In the Instagram post seen below, Donna worked with Tonagdur during an outdoor workout. The duo engaged in some “fight training” as Donna showed off her boxing moves for a full-body workout.

In another post, Donna shared a video of herself performing glute kickbacks, another way to maintain her famous posterior. Donna was at the Royal Personal Training private training facility in L.A. to get her sweat on.

“Legs butt and core work today,” her caption read in part.

Donna’s plant-based, vegan diet keeps her in shape and has other benefits too

As mentioned, Donna is a strict vegan, meaning she doesn’t consume anything derived from animals. The animal rights activist became a vegan after watching undercover footage of a factory farm.

After that, she said she “was never going to eat meat again. … from that point on, I didn’t need meat anymore.”

Being a vegan, says Donna, comes with another set of perks: “clearer skin, better digestion, better sleep.” However, that’s not why Donna became a vegan.

“I do it for the animals,” she said.

With a career in the spotlight spanning nearly three decades, it’s incredible to watch as Donna continues to wow her fans with her beauty and charm.

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