Donna D’Errico offers ‘AARP tips’ in ‘over 50’ bikini

Donna D'Errico Facebook selfie April 2018
Donna snaps a selfie after recording a podcast episode. Pic credit: Donna D’Errico/Facebook

Donna D’Errico showcased her sense of humor while simultaneously showing off her fabulous bikini body.

Donna continues to bring the heat decades after catapulting to fame with her role as Donna Marco in the iconic series Baywatch.

Despite some criticism along the way from age-shamers who have deemed her “too old” to don bikinis at 54, Donna continues to prove her naysayers wrong.

In a recent share on Instagram, Donna sent temperatures soaring as she posed in an itty-bitty red string bikini.

Donna’s face was mostly hidden in the Reel, allowing her sensational figure to take center stage.

The animal rights activist adjusted her position to find her best angles, accentuating her trim waistline and enviable curves.

The song Ojai by Ray LaMontagne played in the background as several gifs danced around her image. Some of the gifs read “Dad Bod,” “Thirst Trap,” Beach Time,” and “Are You In?” while another gif of a man dancing appeared in the bottom left corner.

Donna humorously captioned her video share, “Here’s me modeling my new line of bathing suits for women over 50. Follow me for more AARP tips.”

Donna D’Errico’s fans can’t get enough of her beauty and physique

Of Donna’s 1.7 million Instagram followers, more than 55,000 liked the post, and nearly 1,000 more headed to the comments section to show her some love.

One fan called Donna a “Genetic lottery winner.”

Another one of Donna’s admirers asked, “Is it rude or sexist in todays world to say wow you look great??” to which she replied, “Nope! Thank you!!”

donna d'errico's instagram followers comment on her aarp bikini post
Donna’s IG followers paid her some compliments in the comments section. Pic credit: @donnaderrico/Instagram

“You are just as beautiful now as what you were at 25!” wrote another one of Donna’s fans.

Donna showed her gratitude to two other commenters. One called her an “inspirational woman” and gushed over her physique, while the other commented that she has the “best” body and looks 30 years old.

In 2021, Donna revealed that it “doesn’t feel nice to hear somebody say, ‘You look great for your age’ or ‘You still look amazing.'” She told Fox News that “critiquing women based on their age is unfair.”

Donna shares how she takes care of her skin

Regardless of her age, Donna looks incredible — so what is her secret to looking fabulous for decades? She credits a lot of it to her vegan diet and avoiding damaging UV rays.

“I used to do the old baby oil baking in the sun thing long ago to get super tan,” Donna told the outlet.

“I’ve stopped that. I’ve let myself get a little pale, and I wear sunblock all the time, no matter the season,” she added. “If I want a little glow, I’ll use a self-tanner or a tinted moisturizer. I want to take care of my skin the best that I can, and the number one thing you can do is stay out of the sun.”

Donna doesn’t have a “special” skincare regimen; in fact, she admits that sometimes she forgets to remove her makeup before bed. But she does consider herself a “professional researcher” when it comes to finding the latest and greatest skincare products.

“I just think we shouldn’t be pressured into trying every single product that has all these claims,” Donna said. “Use what truly works for your skin and keep it simple.”

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