Donna D’Errico keeps up birthday celebrations from her kitchen

donna d'errico at Frank & Penelope Los Angeles Premiere
Donna D’Errico is celebrating her birthday throughout March with various content for her fans. Pic credit: © Steffens/AdMedia

It’s birthday month for Baywatch icon Donna D’Errico as the model and actress shares some sultry shots of herself on social media.

For her latest snap, D’Errico struck a pose in the kitchen, standing sideways without a shirt on and her fit frame showing as she gripped a brown coffee mug in both hands.

She wore white shorts or sweatpants as her only visible attire in the shot. The brunette beauty wore her hair in a high ponytail, and her makeup included thin dark brows, black lashes, and a matte pink lip or gloss.

She kept her arm strategically covering herself and appeared to be laughing or smirking at something off-camera.

D’Errico, 54, looked stunning in the latest photo as she indicates that March is her “Birthday month!” with red text on the Instagram Story slide.

“Another one from my kitchen the other day since everyone liked the one I posted,” D’Errico said on the slide.

donna d'errico slide for ig story birthday month
Donna D’Errico strikes a pose in half her birthday suit in the kitchen. Pic credit: @donnaderrico/Instagram

Donna D’Errico shared a similar birthday snap earlier in March

D’Errico, who appeared on Baywatch from 1996 to 1998 and spinoff Baywatch Nights from 1997 to 1998, doesn’t officially celebrate her birthday until March 30.

However, she’s been sharing content with fans on her official Instagram, including the snap above and a similar one.

Monsters and Critics reported that D’Errico was half in her birthday suit earlier this month, showing a different sideways stance in the kitchen with her coffee mug in hand.

“It’s my birthday month so here’s me in half my birthday suit,” the 54-year-old actress and model said on the IG Story slide.

D’Errico turns 55 at the end of March and will likely share a few more pieces of content to celebrate the special occasion before the month ends.

What are Donna D’Errico’s workout and diet like?

D’Errico looks fantastic as she heads toward birthday No. 55, thanks to her commitment to health and fitness.

She regularly shares video clips on her Instagram from the gym showing some of the exercises she uses to stay in shape.

In 2019, Derrico revealed some of her legs and glute workout from the gym. A quick clip has her on a mat performing rear leg raises on the floor.

In another video that year, D’Errico performed more work for her legs and glutes as she performed weighted sled pushes across a field set up in the gym.

In the caption, D’Errico praised her trainer for the session, Spencer Brown from Los Angeles’ Royal Personal Training, indicating he’s helped her achieve her goals.

“I told him I want to get more ‘cut’ in my shoulders and back while still maintaining a feminine look, and work on getting my legs and b**t tighter. I’m already seeing a difference. Look at my back and arms already. What??” D’Errico said of Brown’s training.

In addition to performing intense exercise at the gym or home, the former Baywatch star follows a vegan diet due to being disturbed by a video about factory farms.

“I watched the video. I came back to the room where he had his podcast studio set up and I was in tears. I told him I was never going to eat meat again. He said, ‘Well, great. Let’s finish the podcast.’ And we did. But from that point on, I didn’t need meat anymore,” D’Errico told FOX News.

As she approaches 55, the Baywatch icon looks incredible, a testament to her incorporating that diet and specific workouts into her life.

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