Donna D’Errico celebrates her birthday month

Donna D'Errico Facebook selfie August 2019
Donna looks amazing as she celebrates her birthday all month long. Pic credit: Donna D’Errico/Facebook

If Donna D’Errico knows one thing, it’s how to captivate her fans with her beauty and physique.

The former Baywatch babe continues to wow her millions of followers on social media with sultry posts as she approaches her 55th birthday.

Donna may not turn 55 until March 30, but she’s beginning her celebrations now.

Donna shared a casual kitchen photo on Instagram to kick off her birthday month.

The brunette stunner posed for the casual yet sultry capture, appropriately clad in her birthday suit from the waist up.

The animal rights activist posed without a top, donning nothing but a pair of low-waisted gray sweatpants for the simple yet sexy image.

Donna secured her hair in a messy bun with some face-framing tendrils tucked behind her ear, and her makeup was neutral, accentuating her natural beauty and flawless complexion.

The ex-wife of Motley Crue founder and bassist Nikki Sixx held a coffee mug in one hand, placing her other hand on the countertop. Donna glanced at the floor as she slightly looked over her shoulder for the gorgeous snap.

“It’s my birthday month so here’s me in half my birthday suit,” Donna captioned her share.

Donna D’Errico defies her haters with bikini pics on social media

Donna certainly looks amazing, whether she’s donning her birthday suit, a bikini, or lingerie. And she surely doesn’t appreciate anyone who tells her she’s “too old” to be rocking sexy attire. In fact, Donna has hit back at her critics by posting even more bikini pics on Instagram.

Last month, Donna posed in a red-and-white striped “trigger” bikini, which previously caught her some flak. Donna had the perfect clap back for her critics: “They said I couldn’t, they said I shouldn’t. I said hold my beer.”

Donna has proven that she’s not just easy on the eyes — in addition to her work as an actress, she’s also an avid animal rights activist.

In 2019, Donna was awarded the Celebrity Activist Award by Last Chance for Animals (LCA) for their 35th Anniversary Gala. In the throwback post below, Donna shared her gorgeous red carpet look for the event.

Donna was a vision in a head-to-toe cruelty-free look, including a stunning shimmery gold gown by Ximena Valero.

Donna’s love of animals inspired her to adopt a vegan diet

Donna’s passion for animals has helped garner support for the cause and also prompted to her eliminate animal products completely from her diet.

Speaking with DailyMail in 2020, the mom of two shared that her love of animals began in her childhood. Growing up in the south, Donna spent a lot of time near the lake and taking walks through the woods, appreciating nature.

“I loved watching the animals; they were so beautiful,” she told the publication. “If there was a bird that needed help, I would rescue it and return it to the wild.”

Donna has become creative when it comes to whipping up vegan dishes. She bragged about making the “best vegan Sausage McMuffins” using vegan sausage and eggs and substituting hearts of palm and nori for crab meat when making crabcakes.

Not only is Donna’s healthy diet to thank for her bikini body, but her devotion to fitness is also, and she earns her physique with hard work.

“I work out every day,” Donna noted. “I really earn it, and I eat right.”

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