Dom Vetro glasses: Get to know brand behind Al Roker’s new look

Al Roker
Al Roker’s new blue glasses have gone viral. Pic credit: The Today Show

Al Roker is sporting a new pair of Dom Vetro glasses — and the bright blue design has taken the internet by storm. Roker debuted his new glasses this week on The Today Show and viewers couldn’t stop talking about it.

Even though everyone fell in love with his glasses, Roker admitted that his wife, Deborah Roberts, wasn’t too keen on the bright frames.

Even the anchors on The Today Show had to address his new glasses in a segment during this morning’s broadcast. Savannah Guthrie tried them on, and said she’d be getting a pair too.

Al Roker thanked the designer behind the glasses, Ashley Bezamat, who is the founder of Dom Vetro.

Dom Vetro is a company specializing in both handcrafted sunglasses and optical glasses. Prices for standard frames are about $295 for optical glasses. Sunglass frames are about the same price, while there are others costing $375 at the time of writing.

There’s also a custom option, where you can create your own glasses by picking and choosing the design features you’d like. The custom prices start at $325.

While the company’s website doesn’t have an about page or a bio, Bezamat was featured on Forbes back in July 2018. He founded Dom Vetro after being trained by the world’s most elite craftsman in northern Italy. While he still uses the crafts and tools of the trade used in Italy, Ashley relocated his business to Los Angeles.

It was here that he created the first and only eyewear factory in Los Angeles’ history. Clients are able to get customized glasses or shop from the Dom Vetro collection. Bezamat still oversees the company’s production and works individually with clients.

Mr. Derk featured Dom Vetro on its website, pointing out that each pair of glasses produced has crystallized, flat, Venetian-style lenses. This gives the lenses a minimalistic look. Plus, the glasses are both UVA and UVB protected.

Dom Vetro has been featured in various publications, including The New York Times, LA Confidential, Esquire, Playboy, GQ, and ForbesLife.

Fans are loving Al Roker’s glasses, and he even admitted on The Today Show that he contemplated getting the glasses in different colors, perhaps going with a purple frame as well.

Roker didn’t reveal what his frame is called, but given the popularity of his glasses, he may need to share that with viewers who want their own pair!

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