Dolly Parton wants to pose for Playboy photos again: Here’s her original cover from 1978

Dolly Parton on the red carpet
Dolly Parton is hoping to recreate her iconic Playboy cover from 1978 for her 75th birthday. Pic credit: ©

Dolly Parton is planning to celebrate her 75th birthday in a somewhat unusual manner; she’s hoping to recreate her iconic Playboy magazine cover from over 40-years ago.

That’s right folks, the country music superstar posed for Playboy magazine when she was 32 years old in October 1978, and she plans to do the same again when her birthday comes round next January.

She revealed her intention in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, the interviewer asked Dolly, “what’s the retirement age in America,” and  she responded, “well, I don’t plan to retire, I just turned 74, and I plan to be on the cover of Playboy magazine again.”

“I thought it would be such a hoot if they go for it, I don’t know if they will… if I could be on the cover again when I’m 75.”

We all wait in anticipation to hear if Playboy magazine will go for it.

Asked if she would wear the same outfit, Dolly said, “maybe, I could probably use it, boobs are still the same.”

Parton was the first country music singer to pose for the magazine in 1978; she appeared in a classic Playboy outfit, a black strapless one-piece complete with bunny ears and bow-tie.

So what did Dolly Parton’s 1978 cover look like?

You can see the original photo cover and the interview in this video posted to Twitter by 60 Minutes Australia.

The cover photo appeared on social media last January when Dolly instigated what would become known as the Dolly Parton Challenge.

The challenge involved social media users posting four photos that would be appropriate profile pics for four social media platforms, namely LinkenId, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

She posted a pic of herself in a sober buttoned-up blazer to represent the business-orientated LinkedIn, and she used the racy 1978 Playboy cover to represent the Tinder dating app, seen below on the bottom right.

She captioned it: “Get a woman who can do it all.”

Dolly Parton has been keeping busy in lots of ways

The legendary singer is promoting a documentary called The Library That Dolly Built. The feature-length documentary is narrated by actress Danica McKeller and will, of course, have original music from Dolly Parton herself.

She’s also been promoting her new A&E documentary special, Biography: Dolly, which debuts April 12 and features her 9 to 5 costars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

And if that weren’t enough, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings debuted on Netflix last November. The eight-episode series features a whole host of stars including Kathleen Turner, Delta Burke, Melissa Leo, and Julianne Hough.

There’s no doubt that she’s an extremely hard worker, and she must be raking in the money; it’s estimated that the philanthropic singer is worth approximately $600 million.

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