Doja Cat stuns in all black for JBL’s holiday design challenge

Doja Cat joins JBL for a fun festive-filled contest.
Doja Cat teams up with JBL to introduce the nutcracker challenge. Pic credit: @dojacat/Instagram

Doja Cat recently partnered with the highly popular electronics company famously known as JBL as they further created a holiday-themed contest for fans.

The 27-year-old rapper and JBL invited all creative individuals to enter the contest that challenged them to partake in a nutcracker-themed design.

All participants were asked to keep their artwork family-friendly in order to have a chance to win some big prizes.

This was JBL’s sixth holiday-themed challenge, as it allowed fans to indulge in some fun, festive-filled activities.

The rapper further introduced the newest challenge on Instagram, where millions of fans and followers were able to witness the holiday fun right before their very eyes.

In the short video clip shared, Doja introduced the next challenge in a stunning, black two-piece set.

Doja Cat is stunning in her lacy sheer ensemble

The black ensemble included a black cut-out lacy halter top that featured a fishnet design underneath.

Shen then coordinated the cropped halter top with some high-waisted bottoms. The black bottoms were completely sheer and featured a silver O-ring accent around the waistline.

To add to the fun, edgy look, Doja incorporated a large, full-length leather jacket.

The Juicy rapper then went on to accessorize with an assortment of chunky silver jewelry, which gave off some serious punk-rock vibes.

She wore a chunky layered cross necklace and sported some matching, dangly cross earrings. She then added a whole line of silver stud earrings that went all the way up along both of her ears.

Doja rocked her new shaved hairstyle along with her pencil-thin, ’90s eyebrows.

Overall, the quirky queen killed this look while she got fans excited for their next festive-filled journey.

The post was captioned, “For our 6th #JBLDareToDesignContest prompt @dojacat wants her next speaker to be nut cracker themed…but let’s keep things PG, okay? Submit your design at for a chance to win ?️.”

Doja Cat announces her It’s Giving volume II clothing launch

It goes without saying that Doja Cat is certainly a busy bee these days, as she’s constantly juggling a variety of different endeavors.

However, aside from her singing and modeling along with promotional work, the rapper has recently launched her own clothing company, which she called It’s Giving.

Doja first launched a variety of products earlier this year, and luckily for her fans, she just launched another collection just in time for the holiday season.

The rapper called it her volume II launch, which featured a wide variety of Doja-inspired fits.

Some of the new pieces included hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, socks, and warm beanies for those cold winter months.

It’s Giving items can now be purchased online directly through the company’s website while supplies last.

After the announcement via an Instagram post, fans flooded in as they further showed their love and support for the new launch. The post secured over 150k likes.

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