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Doja Cat poses in tiny denim outfit

Doja Cat gazes into camera.
Doja Cat posed in a tiny denim outfit with extravagant fur. Pic credit: @dojacat/Instagram

Doja Cat posed in a tiny denim outfit with extravagant fur. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat, was awarded a Grammy in 2022 and has earned many other awards throughout her career as well.

The all-denim outfit included a crop top denim jacket with a hood that featured gray, white, and black fur covering the long sleeves and the hood. Doja Cat wore this open over a nude-toned bra.

The artist paired the jacket with a tiny matching denim skirt that was embellished with the same fur and included a denim belt with a silver buckle.

The 26-year-old singer wore open-toed yellow shoes that had black diagonal stripes. These peeked through furry and fluffy leg warmers that Doja Cat rocked, which went from her ankle to up above her knee and included denim at the top.

Doja Cat styled herself as usual with beautiful and lavish makeup, which included pink eyeshadow, flawless winged eyeliner, and drawn-on eyebrows. The talented rapper accessorized with a belly ring and long black nails.

Doja Cat posted the series of mirror selfies to Instagram on Thursday with the caption, “denim faux fur set by @rashhiiid.” So far the post has earned over 879,000 likes and has received over 2,000 comments.

Doja Cat teases her next album’s sound

Doja Cat is as prolific and hardworking as she is talented, and is reportedly working on another album. She has a lot of ideas and is working to create a sound that flows together.

The artist shared with CR Fashion Book, “We just have so many ideas and making those ideas consistent is the challenge right now. I can’t really tell much. I just know there’s a lot going on. I’m very into this ’90s German rave kind of vibe right now and it’s really fun.”

Doja Cat went on to explain that when she was a kid she couldn’t express herself by shaving her head or getting a belly piercing. She stated that she’s wanting to embrace that sort of self-expression in her upcoming album.

Doja Cat sets a new eyebrow trend

While Doja Cat expresses herself through her music, hair, and clothing, she’s also become creative with her eyebrows. She recently shaved them off and has started a new style of drawing them on with creative designs that she absolutely rocks.

In one recent post, the singer drew on her eyebrows in one thin line, with little apples drawn in the middle of each. Doja Cat captioned the post “healthy snacks” with two apple emojis.

The post received over 3,000,000 likes and over 13,000 comments.