Doja Cat leans in for a mirror selfie in leather jacket and tiny shorts

Doja Cat looks stunning in her leather jacket
Doja Cat looks beautiful as she poses for a quick mirror selfie. Pic credit: @dojacat/Instagram

Doja Cat wows her fans once again as she shared yet another quirky but killer fit.

Doja has certainly been on a roll lately, especially when it comes to her selfie game as she’s been slaying the competition.

The 26-year-old rapper who is soon to be 27 this week looked more gorgeous than ever as pulled out another eccentric fit from her wardrobe.

Doja is not one to share a basic or simple fit with her fans and in her most recent selfie, she demonstrated just that.

The rapper took to Instagram to share the fun, edgy look with her 24.4 million followers.

Doja didn’t shy away from the camera as she got up close and personal while she seductively posed in the mirror.

Doja Cat looks hot in black leather

Doja leaned close to the mirror as she wore a black, leather jacket that incorporated two incredibly pointed shoulders.

The leather jacket seemed to be more on the cropped side, as it left her silver belly-button ring uncovered.

She then paired the jacket with tiny black bottoms and black fishnet leggings.

Doja decided to style the fit with a short, black bob that hugged both sides of her face as a pair of silver cross earrings hung from her ears.

As the rapper slightly tilted her head to the side she also showcased her immaculate skin and makeup. Doja wore a shimmery black and purple cream eyeshadow across her lid, giving it an ombre finish.

She wore heavy black eyeliner along the bottom of her eyes and did her usual 90s pencil eyebrows. She then completed the look with a sheer, glossy lip.

The selfie definitely gave off some spooky energy as her phone case stared directly at its audience.

The phone case was bright red and incorporated a variety of different colored eyeballs that were scattered amongst the outside of the case.

The rapper held tightly onto her phone as she took a variety of different selfies from numerous angles.

Doja has proved time and time again that she is the Queen of spooky as she includes a little bit of that energy in just about every fit, especially during the month of October.

Doja Cat looks wows with white brows

In another recent Instagram share, Doja posed in the car as she snapped another selfie.

However, this time she was glammed up in all-white and cream-colored attire.

The rapper looked up past the camera as she showcased her long, white eyelashes along with her white, penciled-in eyebrows.

Her head was still shaved but dyed blonde to match the white, angelic look.

She then matched with a cream-colored fur coat and sunglasses which she had resting on her head.

The fit was certainly unique, but it was a perfect reflection of Doja’s individualistic character.

The fit was certainly a hit as the post secured more than 1.8 million likes.

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