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Doja Cat is a bald beauty as she reveals new eyebrows

doja cat bald beauty
Doja Cat shares a new look as she channels a futuristic queen with new eyebrow art and a bald head. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Doja Cat is having fun with her new bald head and bare eyebrows as the talented artist tried on a new set of brows which were painted.

Earlier this month, Doja caused concern when she shaved her eyebrows and her head on a live stream for viewers to watch.

And while some expressed worry for her mental well-being, Doja said concern was unfounded.

Doja kept her creative juices flowing with her latest look which featured intricately designed eyebrows in black and blue. She connected her brows to her eye makeup, resulting in a stunning beat.

Also eye-catching was Doja’s phone case, which resembled a landline phone.

Doja wore a blue, sheer shirt with cheetah patchwork.

Doja Cat rocks new shaved eyebrow artwork

She placed her manicured nails prominently in the photos, with green glow-in-the-dark nail beds and black dots in the center.

The background was Doja’s tiled bathroom, the scene of previous mirror selfies from the Streets rapper.

Doja’s latest selfies come as she made her first public appearance earlier in the week, rocking a bald head and her own fashion line.

She wrote in the caption, “this was fun,” and tagged Glisten Cosmetics.

Doja Cat talks about social media 

Doja Cat recently won her first Grammy, and after releasing Planet HER, Doja’s fame skyrocketed. But a viral video featuring Doja dressed as a cow is what made the musical artist famous in 2018.

Doja has savvily used social media to market herself and distribute her music.

She spoke with Billboard about her social media and revealed she doesn’t have a Finsta.

She explained, “People are always like, “What’s your Finsta?” [a secret Instagram account], and I don’t want one. I don’t like the idea of having to juggle social media, which already sucks as it is.”

Doja admitted that social media helped her, “Not to say it hasn’t helped me so f**king much, but the way I feel about Instagram is: I go on, look at pictures of makeup and fashion and cats, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve unfollowed everyone who is a person that I know.”

She continued, recollecting a recent conversation with a friend. She shared, “When I’m reflecting on YouTube videos, watching all the stuff I did from another perspective. I had a friend who was like, ‘Oh, yeah? You watching videos of yourself? You enjoying your own stuff right now?’ It was lighthearted, but it did hurt a little bit, and now I feel a little bit like a narcissist when I watch my own things.”