Doja Cat dressed up as Animal Crossing character for Halloween

Doja Cat smiles for the camera
Doja Cat looks gorgeous in a smoky eye look and big bejeweled earrings for the red carpet. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Rapper Doja Cat has gone through some wild transformations, and she just shared another.

During October, she has been having a lot of fun with different spooky fashion moments, and she, like many other celebrities, put on an incredible costume for Halloween.

Doja shared some shots of her dressed as a female villager from the well-known video game Animal Crossing.

She started this look by wearing a Barbie pink spandex mini dress with a turtle neck and puffy sleeves. 

The dress fit her body like a literal glove.

For decoration, it had a big white flower on the center of her chest with a yellow dot in the middle, as well as on each one of her shoulders.

Doja Cat wows in skintight pink mini dress for Halloween

To accessorize and complete this look she wore white and blue striped spandex thigh-high tights and a gorgeous pair of silk-red chunky platform heels.

The singer posed with a butterfly net in front of a background that simulated the video game.

She also had some fun with the makeup and hair. Doja put on a soft pink wig cut into a bob with the ends curled outwards.

Her shaved eyebrows still remain, so she drew thin ones in their place and made her eyes look so much bigger with eyeliner and fake lashes.

On her nose, she drew a red triangle like the character’s and her lips appeared lined with a darker shade than the one they were filled with to add some dimension.

Doja captioned this post, “new leaf. Two days late but I don’t care. Thanks Brett @jpwphoto.”

Doja Cat shares her E-Girl beauty routine for Vogue

The 27-year-old is a big name in the music industry. The American artist, mainly known for her hits like Kiss Me More, Woman, and Need To Know, has been on fire these last few years, releasing hit song after hit song. It all started back when she was 17, and she started releasing music on SoundCloud.

But as the years have passed, she has also positioned herself as one of the most fashionable celebrities out there.

She is recognized for her iconic and signature style of wearing things other people normally don’t wear, as well as changing her appearance and hair color quite often.

Not long ago, she had a bright pink hair color and she decided to share the perfect E-Girl routine with her followers through Vogue’s YouTube channel.

Watch Doja get ready for Vogue on YouTube.

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