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Doja Cat arches her back in a pink thong bikini

Doja Cat in a pink thong bikini.
Doja Cat in a pink thong bikini. Pic credit: @dojacat/Instagram

Doja Cat was a mixture of sexy and fun in her latest photoshoot, which featured a pink bikini and an assortment of charms.

Just like Doja’s birthday twin, Kim Kardashian, the rapper enjoyed an all-pink-themed photoshoot complete with feminine outfits and silly poses. The rapper shared the photos on her Instagram page for her 24.1 million followers to enjoy the eccentricity that she provided. 

Doja often wears odd costumes and makeup, but the latest scantily-clad bikini photos were a nice change for fans.

Doja Cat teases bikini body in a pink-themed shoot

Doja showed off her belly button piercing and tiny waist in new swimsuit photos. 

A picture from the neck down showed Doja’s long nails as she gripped her charm-adorned chest.

Ever the artistic visionary, she wore roller skates on her feet and lounged on a large beach towel with a pink hand weight in the corner.

Doja arched her back in pink, fluffy heels in one photo as she reached her long, pink acrylic nails toward the ground. She wore bright blue eyeshadow, and her hair was in top knots with charms and hair clips.

She put on her shades and stretched out her body with her mouth slightly agape in another photo as she lounged on a beach towel. Some of the unique charms that dangled from Doja’s bikini included a troll, a lock and key, a pink lighter, and dice.

She wrote a simple lollipop emoji as the caption for the image.

Doja Cat’s surgery and canceled shows

Last month, Doja won the 2022 Billboard Music Award for Viral song for her collaboration with SZA called Kiss Me More. Before Doja accepted her award, she smoked from a vape and took a shot. An unexpected Doja Cat surgery made her award show moment one of the last times she smoked from her vape.

Doja was slated to appear with The Weeknd on tour this summer, but an unplanned throat surgery thwarted her plans.

She released a statement on Twitter and Instagram and explained her surgery and the repercussions. 

“Hey guys. I wanted you to hear it from me first. Unfortunately, I have to have surgery on my tonsils asap. The surgery is routine, but the recovery is going to take awhile due to swelling.” 

Doja continued, “That means I have to cancel my festival run this summer as well as The Weeknd tour.”

Luckily for fans, tonsil surgery does not prevent the Woman rapper from posting bikini thirst traps.

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