Does Meghan Markle’s dress tag faux pas just make her and Harry seem more normal?

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry arrived in the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga on Thursday to a warm welcome, but the fact the tag was still on her dress got almost as much press coverage as their visit.

Had Meghan Markle the actress committed this fashion faux pas then not much would have been made about it, but now she is Duchess Meghan, the story has made enough column inches to wallpaper a house.

As the royal couple were accompanied down down the red carpet by the King of Tonga’s daugther, Princess Lātūfuipeka, the tag on Meghan’s red dress could be seen dancing in the breeze.

The red embroidered maxi dress in question was from Self Portrait, and since you are asking, it retails around $500.


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HRH Princess Mata’aho greeting British royals Duke and Duchess of Sussex today at Fua’amotu Airport ?? #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle #tonga #tongan #tonganroyals

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With a baby on the way, a sixteen day tour of the South Pacific in progress and probably still coming to terms with the permanent press spotlight, it is perhaps no wonder the tag slipped her mind.

If anything the tag faux pas has just added to the general feeling that this royal couple are relatively down to earth compared with any previous ones.


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Malie ?????? So wish I was in Tonga now ??? #tongan #tonga #tonganroyals #MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry

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Though of course, it could be that a lowly assistant is even now being dragged off to the Tower of London for forgetting to snip!

The trip around the South Pacific is partly to highlight the role younger people have to play in tackling the many social and environmental problems that face the region.

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