Dita Von Teese wows in colorful gown with a message to vote

Dita Von Teese tells fans to vote
Dita Von Teese tells fans to vote in a gorgeous rainbow dress. Pic Credit: ©

Dita Von Teese wants her fans to get the message in the most glamorous way possible. With today being election day in America, she let her fans know it’s time to vote while making a literal fashion statement.

The burlesque dancer posted a picture on a brick step, giving her fans a complete look at her gown. The colorful dress was strapless and had ruffles along the front. The gown dramatically fanned out and cascaded down the steps.

Along the side of the rainbow dress was a message in big white lettering that said, “you better vote.” 

The entertainer kept the accessories simple with a matching rainbow bracelet and long silver earrings.  

Dita wore her signature makeup look with cat-eye eyeliner and bright red lipstick.   

The raven-haired beauty had her hair in pin curls to complete her retro 1950s look. 

Dita von teese in a rainbow dress
Pic credit: @ditavonteese/Instagram

Dita Von Teese explains her inspiration for her lingerie line 

Dita is known for her burlesque routines and her amazing retro outfits. So, it came as no surprise when she created her own Dita Von Teese Lingerie collection. When talking to Glamour magazine, she explained that this was the perfect collection for her. 

The dancer worked for a lingerie store since she was 15 for almost ten years. She became so enamored with the items, that she started collecting retro pieces in her own time. So, when she got the opportunity to create her own line, she couldn’t refuse. 

“The collection is really inspired by vintage pieces that I’ve collected in the last 23 years. Also, I collect a lot of vintage pinup art, vintage catalogs, and men’s magazines from the ’30s and ’40s, so I take a lot of inspiration from that. But mainly the collection is based on retro style. Not replicas of vintage lingerie but finding ways of making it more functional and wearable.” 

Dita Von Teese gives her best showgirl look for her Glamonatrix tour 

Dita looked amazing in preparation for her latest Glamonatrix tour. The lingerie mogul looked like a cross between a ringleader and a showgirl.  

She wore a tailored blousewithd gold embellishments along the sleeves and her torso. Over the jacket was a red sash with different medals and broaches on top of it. She paired it with a maxi skirt with an open front. Under the skirt was black and gold underwear with a garter and stockings. 

Dita Von Teese on Instagram
Pic credit:@ditavonteese/Instagram

To accessorize her look, she wore a large red and black headpiece.  

Her makeup looked phenomenal, with neutral eyeshadow and red lipstick. 

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