Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff holiday photos have fans buzzing

Disha Patani on a jet
Disha Patani heading to her Christmas holiday. Pic credit: @dishapatani/Instagram

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff have been rumored as a couple for a while now, but so far neither will confirm there is anything serious going on between them.

That may all be changing soon as they each posted photos to their Instagram accounts of a beach getaway this holiday that is starting to make a lot of fans wonder how long the possible couple can keep things under wraps.

Traveling in Style

A photo of Disha was uploaded recently, showing her traveling in style and comfort on a private jet to her holiday getaway with Tiger.

While they have not given away exactly where they are, or how long they will be there, fans have been making their best guesses based on the backgrounds of their photos. It is also believed the pair will likely holiday together until after the new year.

A different kind of action

While Patani and Shroff are both known for their grueling workout sessions that make them premiere Bollywood action stars and sex symbols, this holiday, the pair is up to some different action than the norm.

Tiger has been hitting the ice cream hard, and doing belly flops! It is certainly not his regular routine, but it looks like he is having fun and a few days off to live a little is a good thing.

Looking good lounging

Disha has spent some of her time taking in the sun and alternately lounging in the shade – and she is looking great doing both!

Patani has a busy 2019 ahead of her, as does Shroff, so winding down 2018 with some quality time together seems like the perfect way to prepare for a big new year.

Some fans are guessing that when the new year rings in, Shroff and Patani may go public with their relationship officially. Others speculate that they will continue as they have to this point in order to help keep the media scrutiny to a minimum. Either way, they look fabulous together and seem to be having a great time.

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