Has Charo died? Whoopi Goldberg seemingly announces her death on The View but she is still alive

Charo not dead
Charo was feared to have died after Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the guitarist in past tense, but thankfully she is still very much alive. Pic Credit: Charo/Instagram

Fans of Charo were left fearing she had died this week after Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the Spanish guitarist in the past tense on The View. So it was a relief for many to find out that the “cuchi-cuchi” originator is still alive.

On the show, Goldberg appeared to talk about the guitar virtuoso as if she had passed away, as seen in the clip below.

Many fans reacted on Twitter to Whoopi speaking about Charo in the past tense. One fan tweeted at Whoopi: “When you talk about Charo in the past tense, I get a little panicky! Had to look it up and make sure she’s ok (she is).”

Charo has made multiple appearances on Dancing with the Stars, recently contesting in the 24th season of the series. Last year the guitarist appeared with Keo Motsepe and finished 11th place.

She also made an appearance on The Steve Harvey show during a Halloween segment.

It is unclear why Whoopi thought that Charo had passed away. She has been active on her Instagram account, recently sharing healthy living tips with her fans.

Whoopi Goldberg is yet to respond to the hiccup during the segment on The View. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Charo is alive and well.

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