Designer Chiara Ferragni shares incredible elephant experience

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Chiara Ferragni enjoyed mother nature. Pic credit: @chiaraferragni/Instagram

As one of the world’s first influencers, Chiara Ferragni has continued to deliver firsts with riveting content.

The Italian native’s social media posts include lots of fashion and travel, as Chiara explores the globe and takes pictures.

After creating a blog in 2009, The Blonde Salad, the designer has proven that dreams can come true.

Since that day, nearly 15 years ago, Chiara has continued to grow her brand, appearing on Amazon Prime and launching her own brand.

Somehow, Chiara and her team create new concepts and captivating content, like a video shared heading into the weekend.

Chiara’s Instagram post featured a video of her swimming in a pool, looking gorgeous and glowing.

But the real star of the video, posted with Chiara’s 29.1 million IG followers, was the magnificent creature who came to say hello.

Chiara Ferragni enjoys an epic moment with a beautiful elephant 

The video started with Chiara standing in a pool, wearing a black swimsuit with spaghetti straps and mesh on the bodice. 

The pool was situated in the heart of mother nature, with vast land and a safari as the background. 

As the model turned her head, a majestic elephant rested its tusks on the pool edge. The elephant stuck its ears out, showing expression, before drinking from the pool. 

The remarkable moment saw something few would ever have the luxury of experiencing. 

The designer explained that there were no chemicals in the pool water, so it posed no risk to the majestic creature. She also tagged the location where she had a unique experience. 

Of course, Chiara was at a five-star resort.

Chiara Ferragni promotes the Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa

The video will likely cause many to wonder more about the swanky accommodations that Chiara tagged.

Chiara stayed at the famous Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa, located in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, a private reserve in South Africa.

The Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa has multiple suites and villas, including the Family Deluxe Suite, which costs around $450 a night per person.

Those with more disposable income might try Mhondoro Villa, with a view of the watering hole and costing around $3700 a night per person.

The lodge also features experiences like rhino tracking, where curious people can track the beautiful rhinoceros. There are diverse types of safaris, at different times of the day, in accordance with animal habits. Spectators may see leopards, elephants, buffalo, and lions.

Chiara had the honor of seeing a lioness and her cubs.

She shared the moment, writing, “Best moment of the trip so far: seeing the lion cubs with their mothers in the nature ? Lions have always meant so much in my life (that’s why I called my baby Leone) and seeing them like that made me emotional.”

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