Designer Chiara Ferragni goes blue to celebrate sister Valentina Ferragni’s birthday

Chiara Ferragni up close
Designer Chiara Ferragni showed off her fashionable side for her sister’s birthday party. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Italian designer and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni never misses when it comes to her wardrobe, and her sister’s birthday party was no exception.

The blonde beauty stepped out to celebrate sister Valentina Ferragni’s birthday this past weekend, and their outfits were more proof that style runs in the family: Valentina is also a designer and founder of her own jewelry brand, Valentina Ferragni Studio.

Chiara opted for a totally sheer lace dress with blue designs embroidered into the fabric. She added blue eye shadow to make the look pop and matched incredibly-tall black boots with her visible black undergarments.

The designer shared a carousel post on her Instagram this weekend, including a brief clip showing Valentina’s outfit, a glittering cutout jumpsuit.

Based on Chiara’s post, all party-goers had a blast and enjoyed the festivities, as all looked thrilled to be celebrating Valentina’s birthday in style.

Of course, sometimes extra indulgence is necessary, and Chiara proved that with her last picture in the post: A selfie of her taking a bite out of a cheeseburger.

Chiara Ferragni reveals some of her favorite workouts

The Blonde Salad blogger doesn’t always have the same routine since her schedule changes so often, but she still works to keep herself in shape no matter where she’s at.

Years ago, she revealed to Teen Vogue that her schedule changes daily so she doesn’t have a set workout routine, but she loves jogging and tries to incorporate running often.

She added that whenever she does get her exercise in, she focuses on cardio and then does some arm and leg exercises.

Previously, Chiara has also been a fan of Pilates and has shared some of her Pilates routines with fans and Women’s Health.

The rigorous workout includes tiptoe squats, the Pilates reformer with a ring, and some side-scrolling.

The workouts take a lot of energy, but the results are clearly worth it as the designer keeps up with her trim physique and busy schedule.

Chiara Ferragni teams up with Nespresso for the perfect cup of coffee

Chiara is an extremely influential figure with over 28 million followers on Instagram alone, and her passion for her home in Milan is clear from her posts.

Monday morning, she got the opportunity to announce her latest collaboration: A “new thrilling campaign” with Nespresso.

Coffee is a very popular dish in Italy and it only makes sense for one of the biggest coffee brands to team up with an Italian designer for the perfect Milan roast.

Chiara revealed that her collection, Milan Intenso, is “inspired by the contemporary soul of Milan” and is only available for a limited time.

Fans can watch the video she shared to learn more about her coffee journey and the steps she went through to create her own blend for Nespresso.

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