Dennis Hof dead: What was Bunny Ranch owner’s net worth when he died?

Dennis Hof
Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch, has passed away. Pic credit: @dennishof/Instagram

Dennis Hof, the owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch in Mound House in Nevada, has passed away.

The 72-year-old business owner was found at his Love Ranch Vegas where it’s reported that he passed away in his sleep. His net worth at the time of his death was reportedly around $20 million, but it’s an amount we cannot verify at this point.

Celebrity Net Worth, the source of the figure, claims Hof tried to reach out to the website several times, revealing that his net worth was closer to $60 million in 2014. He supposedly also emailed a year later, saying his net worth was closer to $100 million but is said to have not offered any proof to back up the statements.

Hof was known for his brothels around Nevada and The Moonlite BunnyRanch made headlines several times. It was there that Lamar Odom overdosed in October 2015. While he wasn’t the original founder of the brothel, Hof purchased it in 1992 and later opened several other locations, including The Love Ranch North, The Love Ranch South, and Alien Cathouse.

Other than running these locations, Dennis Hof was also on the HBO documentary series Cathouse from 2005, which focused on the Bunny Ranch. The series included 17 episodes and 10 specials over two seasons. Hof had also written an autobiography called The Art Of The Pimp.

He got engaged to Heidi Fleiss in 2009.

On Dennis’ personal website he opens up about his life prior to his success in Nevada, revealing that he owned and operated several gas stations in his younger years, while he was married to a woman named Shirley. They got pregnant in 1964 while they were still in high school, and he married her. He reveals that an abortion was never an option for him, and they had the baby.

The couple later also had a second daughter. The couple later split, but after his divorce he married another woman, also named Shirley, becoming a stepfather to her two kids. That marriage later ended as well. There’s no word on whether he had a will in place or if his children will inherit his fortune.

Hof’s death came as a shock to those around him, as he had just been at a party on Monday night before he died. Porn star Ron Jeremy, who was at the party, reportedly found Hof dead after he failed to show up the following day as agreed. He said that Hof’s eyes “were not full” and that his skin was cold.

Chuck Muth, who defines himself on Twitter as a Conservatarian political activist, author, speaker, blogger, publisher, and campaign consultant, went out to the ranch after he heard of Hof’s passing, and said that there was no foul play suspected.

Muth had been working as a campaign consultant for Hof, as he was a Republican nominee.

Hours after Hof was found, his body was rolled out on a stretcher from the Love Ranch Vegas. An autopsy is expected to take place but could reportedly take six weeks. Hof just celebrated his 72nd birthday this weekend.

According to CBC, Dennis Hof had been accused of sexual assault on at least four occasions, and was under investigation for an allegation made in September. He denied any wrongdoing.

At the time of his death, Dennis Hof was planning on running as a Republican nominee for Nevada, going against Democratic Las Vegas educator Lesia Romanov. He ran for the state Legislature in 2016 as a Libertarian but did not win. He had earned the support of Roger Stone, a former Trump associate.

No details have been released in regards to a funeral.

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