Denise Richards stuns in old Hollywood glam

denise richards face
Denise Richards looked stunning in an old Hollywood glam with a personal touch, creating a beautiful visual. Pic credit: ©

In a recent share that paired old Hollywood glam with a seductive twist, Denise Richards looked less like a Real Housewife and more like a Bond Girl.

The Wild Things actress has returned to what she has done so flawlessly throughout the years — modeling.

And with Denise’s latest Instagram Stories share, it’s not hard to see why the blonde bombshell has achieved such success.

Denise has amassed a respectable 1.4 million followers on Instagram and has regularly treated those followers to new content.

The model’s consistency was shown again over the weekend in a stunning shot featuring Denise as she worked her angles.

Although fans couldn’t publicly comment or like the shot, it would be fair to guess that the picture got approval.

Denise Richards stuns in black and white glam shot

Denise sat on a stairwell, lounging on her elbows and looking into the distance. She wore a black lingerie piece with studded shapes jetting out from each side of the bodice. The black satin connected to a short-hemmed dress, showing Denise’s crossed legs.

The blonde bombshell sported a stylish updo with pieces of her bangs framing her face.

She wore light lengthy acrylics and a strand of pearls with a rosary around her neck.

Denise donned her signature smoky eye look, bringing attention to her light eyes. She smiled with closed lips, featuring a glossy pout.

The actress completed the look with strappy stilettos, which she carried in her hand.

denise richards
Pic credit: @deniserichards/Instagram

The picture reminded fans that Denise has always kept in shape. She shared her workout secret, which was simpler than some might imagine.

Denise Richards reveals workout secrets

Much like Denise’s posting frequency, the actress revealed that the secret to her reaching her fitness goal involves consistency.

Denise told the HuffPost, “My secret to staying in shape is consistency. When I consistently stick to my routine, that is when I feel my best.”

Denise shared a second tip, which involved customizing her workout. As Denise wisely revealed, an exercise routine isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It would be best to tailor a workout routine to specific needs and individual differences.

She added, “I also think you need to work out for your own body. Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.”

As for specific workout routines, Denise has long loved Pilates and dance. Denise followed her advice, revealing that she tried weights and running, but Pilates worked best for her body.

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