Denise Richards dazzles fans with epic throwback reel

Denise Richards attends a premiere.
Denise Richards visited memory lane and shared an epic flashback to some swimsuit-clad film moments. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Denise Richards reminisced on her acting career over the years as she shared an epic video reel with her fans.

Throwing it back to her younger years, Denise got the early workweek started off on the right note as she treated her followers to some daring, clips from a variety of her films.

Kicking things off in her fast-paced montage with a shot of herself settling into a movie theater seat as a boy smoothly reaches over to play with her collar before she curses at him to stop, Denise only heated things up from there.

The next clip showed Denise rocking a sporty ensemble, her hair kept in a high ponytail as wispy bangs hung along her forehead.

The scene then cut to the star prancing around in a cheerleader costume as she waved pom-poms around.

The video then jumped to clips of her aiming a rifle while wearing a floral top, giving some fierce side-eye to someone, and rocking a wet, white t-shirt.

Her next video really brought the heat to the internet as she showed herself in a series of three segments wearing a stunning one-piece swimsuit.

Denise Richards sizzles in a soaking-wet swimsuit for a flashback video

One clip that was sure to turn heads was Denise clad in a green swimsuit, dripping wet as she exited the pool.

Her brunette locks were slicked back as she left splashes of pool water dripping down her body while pulling herself up the ladder.

Next, the clip showed Denise in the same turquoise suit, this time standing on the deck as she rubbed a white towel across her body to dry herself off before walking away.

The final series of shots showed Denise crying, rolling her eyes, leaning over someone while looking preppy in a schoolgirl outfit, and flashing her signature smile.

She also gave fans one more look at her former swimsuit days, sharing a clip of herself clad in a sexy bikini as she washed a car.

While the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star seems to stay busy with her acting career and social media presence, the actress has also maintained a solid side gig with her own beauty brand.

Denise Richards launches CB Me Beauty

Denise opened up to Refinery 29 about her beauty routine and skincare line CB Me Beauty, sharing that she said goodbye to botox and fillers a long time ago.

“I’ve tried Botox before, but really didn’t like it,” she said. “I felt like someone was smashing down on my forehead.”

She explained that she prefers to now rely on her skincare to keep her complexion looking firm, clear, and glowing.

“For me, I focus on a great skin-care regime. It’s something I’ve always been passionate about, so I was very excited about the opportunity to make my own line,” she shared.

Denise created CB Me Beauty in collaboration with the Florida-based Canavation Product Group, a company that employs the use of cannabis-based ingredients in its products.

With prices ranging from $25 to $60 at the time of the company’s start, Denise said she was involved every step of the way during the launch.

“I didn’t want to just smack my name on a product and say that I used it,” she explained of her hands-on participation, adding that she wanted to ensure she actively used the products she was touting to the public.

Denise said she keeps her routine simple, choosing to rinse her face just with water in the mornings instead of attacking her skin with cleansing products.

At night, she uses the CB Me Beauty cleanser, serum, and eye cream, saying that all she ever uses is her own personal beauty line of items.

Despite the drama between her and other castmates during her time on RHOBH, namely her tension with Lisa Rinna, Denise said that she enjoyed sending her former co-stars goodie bags from her line in order to get their opinions and insight.