Demi Rose shows off new red hair during topless swim in Costa Rica

Demi Rose with a sunset.
Demi Rose is enjoying her new red hair as she swims topless in Costa Rica. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi Rose knows she looks amazing after completely switching up her hair earlier this month.

The brunette beauty sported honey-colored highlights all summer long; now, she’s jumping on the red hair trend. Or perhaps she a part of the group that started it all in the first place.

The Birmingham, UK name is finally showing off her new look in breathtaking photos, not only because of their subject matter but also because, again, Demi has jetted off to an exotic location to enjoy the fruits of being one of the most successful social media influencers.

Demi shared three photos in the new set as she enjoyed a topless swim in a gorgeous pool of water below a small waterfall. The first featured Demi with her hands in her hair as she slicked it back away from her face.

The second photo was similar to the first as Demi leaned back a bit with her eyes partially closed. The third and final photo gave a better view of the waterfall and of Demi with her back arched as she submerged her scarlet mane in the water while covering her bare chest with her hands.

Demi captioned the photos, “Don’t fall for me too much,” but it’s pretty clear that her 19.8 million Instagram followers have already fallen hard.

Demi Rose gave a perfect view of red wavy hair, and it is definitely her color

It’s hard to see just how fiery red Demi Rose’s new hair color is while she’s submerged in water, but just before dropping her topless swim photos, she shared another set that gave us a good look at her new hairdo.

While posing from the side in a daringly skimpy thongkini set, Demi gave the camera a sultry look as her fiery mane fell down her back in waves, showing off how gorgeous and thick her hair is after changing up the color in such a drastic way.

The lush greenery in the background enhanced the photo’s beauty as she captioned the shot with “Rawr.”

Demi Rose shares the secret to keeping her peach so round

Demi Rose has long been known for her incredible and almost unbelievable curves, but it turns out that she works hard to maintain her shape.

A few years back, the 27-year-old social media star shared her secret to staying so svelte while ensuring she keeps a perfectly round backside.

In a series of Instagram Stories immortalized by The Sun, Demi ran on a treadmill and pushed weights across a workout room as she worked through a circuit of different exercises. To top off her routine, it should surprise no one that Demi pushed through a series of grueling squats.