Demi Rose shows off new red hair and it’s stunning

Demi Rose close up
Demi Rose stuns with red hair, a huge change from her honey-brown tresses. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

In the last week, Demi Rose Mawby has made a huge change to her hair, dying her previously honey-colored mane to a deep red just in time for fall.

While fans loved her lighter hair, this new hue is absolutely gorgeous, and we’re all still waiting to see how she plans to style it for upcoming photo shoots.

As we wait, knowing that Demi has made a huge hair change, she continues to tease us with throwbacks from over the summer, featuring her old color instead.

The only exception has been an odd picture here and there, shared on Demi’s Instagram Stories as she enjoys her time traveling, dining out, and hanging out with her friends.

Now, we’re finally getting a good look at Demi’s hair, and she even showed off her new color by way of a topless photo, showing the Birmingham, UK, native from the chest up as she posed with puckered lips.

In the tantalizing photo, Demi wore soft makeup, emphasizing her long eyelashes and blemish-free skin. The image’s background is just as beautiful as she is, featuring a lush green landscape of plants and trees with mountains in the distance.

Demi Rose Mawby selfie
Demi Rose shows off her new red hair. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi Rose is angelic in wings and a thong

One of Demi Rose’s best throwbacks came just days ago when the 27-year-old social media star showed off her wings.

In a series of photos shot by Colombian photographer Peranza, Demi stunned from behind with her then-honey-colored hair tied back in a loose braid with cute pink flowers making their way down the length.

Demi wore a pair of realistic-looking white angel wings, a strappy white thong, and seemingly nothing else. The photos were tastefully done, though, showing off her incredible curves in as modest a way as possible in a setting like that.

In the first pic, we saw the back of Demi as she sat by a large ornate pond drinking her tea. Her hair is in a braid, and there are pink flowers decorating her hair, which really emphasizes the angelic theme.

The second photo saw Demi in a kitchen setting, as she sipped her tea and arched her back. There are several other photos which include another shot of the model along with some idyllic domestic settings.

One of the shots featured an elegant table set for tea time, and another pic showed a washing line with some towels and a pair of satin panties.

Peranza captioned the post, writing, “write more love letters. bring corny vulnerable honest love making back.”

Peranza has 732 thousand followers on Instagram, and this post has racked up over 30,000 likes.

Demi Rose stuns in mirror selfie

Another recent throwback Demi Rose recently delighted fans with featured her wearing a very skimpy bikini while posing in front of a giant mirror.

The model was in the Caribbean country of St. Lucia, where she showed off her stunning curves with a gorgeous and scenic backdrop.

Demi often leaves little to the imagination with her photos, posing in bikinis and other revealing outfits, but this burnt orange bikini just might be the smallest yet.

The cups of the bikini top barely covered her most delicate parts, and the matching bottoms looked like a thin strip of fabric. She paired the barely-there bikini with a silk robe that matched perfectly as she leaned back for the sultry shot.

Behind Demi was a beautiful mountainous scene from the Caribbean island nation.

Demi Rose channels her inner goddess in ancient Greece

Demi likes to do her fair share of globetrotting, and she always looks fantastic in some super exotic locations. Last month, found the Englishwoman sunning herself at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, as she took the time to channel her inner goddess.

The model stood in front of an ancient Greek temple as she fanned herself in a gorgeous blue plunging dress. She captioned the post, “Embracing my inner Goddess.”

Demi has almost 20 million followers on Instagram, and each one of her posts achieves thousands of likes.

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