Demi Rose shares ‘Dance of the nymph’

demi rose face
Demi Rose is entering a new era. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi Rose has ushered in a new era following her 28th birthday in Ibiza.

Earlier in the year, social media posts saw Demi taking a pilgrimage to Egypt. 

While in Egypt, she visited world-renowned sites like Elephantine Island and the Great Pyramids of Giza. During the trip, the model channeled her inner goddess, marking a new chapter in Demi’s book of life.

The PrettyLittleThing face continued creating content as a goddess after returning home, with vibrant clothing and intricate designs.

After enjoying some time in her goddess phase, Demi has seemingly found a new inspiration.

Demi took to her Instagram Stories, showing her 20 million IG followers her new nymph phase.

Demi Rose posts stunning new nymph look

Demi was radiant in the image, showing her face from the side. She snapped a selfie with lush greenery serving as the backdrop.

Her makeup was stunning, with glossy lips, lavish lashes, and glowing highlights.

Demi’s light brown tresses featured honey highlights with straight locks adding to the vibe of her look.

The ex of Tyga donned a decorative earpiece with pearls lining her outer lobe. She wore a sparkly black neckpiece that circled her neck and cascaded down her chest.

Demi Rose entering her nymph era.
Demi Rose entering her nymph era. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

In a subsequent post, Demi captioned her picture, “Dance of the nymph.”

According to Merriam-Webster, a nymph is a mythical creature, typically a beautiful maiden, who dwells in mountains, forests, trees, and waters.

As for Demi, she definitely channeled the energy of her latest creature.

Besides being a model, Demi has experience in the beauty industry, especially since she went to beauty school for three years.

Accordingly, she knows the tips and tricks to facilitate flawless skin.

Demi Rose reveals beauty tips and self-care rituals

In 2020, Demi spoke with Heat World to promote her collaboration with PrettyLittleThing. She also shared her beauty tips, including hydration and makeup removal each night.

With a name like Demi Rose, fans probably weren’t surprised to learn that the influencer integrated roses into her routine.

The 28-year-old explained, “I love a good face mask too and my favorite is Skin 111’s rose gold mask.”

In addition, Demi’s ultimate self-care act involves reusing roses and placing the petals in her bath.

Demi explained, “I love to have a bath if there is one. But in general, I am really simple when I bath or shower.”

Rather than opting for a scented product, Demi creates her own rose aroma experience.

She continued, “I have sensitive skin but if I feel like something more indulgent I will use wilting rose petals from my last bunch of roses as these have the highest frequency as a flower.”

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