Demi Rose shares birthday recap with gratitude

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Demi Rose turned 28 years old in style. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Model Demi Rose became famous thanks to a powerful social media presence and an always-changing appearance.

Therefore, when Demi decided to share her birthday celebrations on social media, fans probably weren’t surprised.

Demi sparkled in gold as she took center stage and celebrated her special day.

She shared a captivating video on Instagram, where she has 20 million followers on the platform.

But just because Demi’s recent birthday content was all but expected didn’t mean that fans didn’t appreciate her efforts.

Demi received 39,000 likes and countless comments, including birthday wishes for her special occasion.

Demi Rose celebrates turning 28 in a fabulous way

Demi celebrated in Ibiza, the Spanish island she calls home. The video started with Demi smiling while wearing a gold crown featuring spikes for extra drama.

Then, the clip showed the magnificent backdrop of Ibiza with palm trees, blue skies, and serene water. Next, the camera returned to Demi, striking poses in a sheer strapless gown. Demi was joined by a friend who also wore a crown and appeared barefoot.

The next shot featured Demi showing love to her precious pooch as the two shared a moment.

Demi also showed a fully-stacked bar with bartenders serving up drinks for her birthday. She had a beautifully set table as she and her friends lounged in the garden while performers entertained.

The birthday looked like an occasion fit for a queen.

Demi had an undeniable birthday glow in the social media post. The model shared some of her beauty secrets for fans wishing to change up their routine.

Demi Rose shares beauty secrets

Demi spoke with Heat World to promote her collaboration with fast-fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing.

Unsurprisingly, the publication asked Demi about her beauty secrets, and she was sure to share a few tips.

Some of Demi’s advice was standard, like removing makeup before bed and drinking lots of water.

Demi also revealed that she did beauty therapy in college and had a unique insight into her skincare needs.

The model shared, “I always like to cleanse my face with a natural oil cleanser and with hot water and a flannel. I love a good face mask too and my favourite is Skin 111’s rose gold mask.”

She selected the Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer as an affordable makeup option with quality coverage. Demi continued, sharing her bathtime ritual.

She said, “I always use a fragrance-free shower gel just because I have sensitive skin but if I feel like something more indulgent I will use wilting rose petals from my last bunch of roses.”

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