Demi Rose reveals ‘hermit mode’ and fitness routine changes

Demi Rose is going through a hermit phase. Pic credit: @demirose/instagram

Demi Rose is celebrating a new era as the ever-evolving model has entered a new chapter in her life.

As Demi fans are aware, the English model has consistently switched things up and transformed her look.

Most recently, Demi took a pilgrimage to Egypt, where she channeled her inner goddess and traveled down the Nile. Before her goddess phase, Demi celebrated her inner fairy with magically-theme posts.

However, as a social media influencer, Demi has maintained her dynamic nature.

In the days leading up to her 28th birthday, Demi has embraced a new phase, which she revealed on her Instagram Stories.

Demi’s 19.9 million followers were the first to learn about Demi’s “hermit” phase.

Although just because Demi has taken to staying at home doesn’t mean she is doing nothing. According to Demi, she has used her time at home as a chance to increase her workout frequency. Demi has always shown a passion for fitness, but recently, she has taken things to the next level.

Demi Rose shares life update from a palatial estate with selfie

Demi recorded her reflection with a natural glow, appearing healthy and refreshed. She wore a sheer bikini with red and orange lining. The vibrant two-piece featured floral decorations on the bodice resembling sun rays. Demi‘s hair was in a high bun, emphasizing her beautiful face. 

Behind Demi, fans could see the lavish estate, which she has featured prominently in previous social media posts. 

With such a beautiful home and a perfectly manicured yard, it’s no surprise Demi has enjoyed herself. 

Demi Rose is in a hermit phase
Demi Rose revealed a hermit phase while wearing a bikini. Pic credit: @demirose/instagram

Demi explained in text over the picture that she had been working out an impressive five times a week during her “hermit” phase. Additionally, Demi said she had two trainers and sometimes did two-a-days. 

Of course, Demi’s commitment to fitness is nothing new. As the model previously revealed, she has consumed a strict diet and worked out feverishly for years.

Demi Rose shares workout and diet secrets

Demi has been open about her dieting and exercise habits, neither of which are for the faint of heart.

As Demi revealed in an interview with Women Fitness, she avoids sugar and carbs.

Demi said, “I am always very aware of what I eat and love eating healthily. I try to avoid as much carbs as I can, and I never eat bread, pasta, and I avoid sugar at all costs.”

On top of a super-clean diet, Demi puts in work at the gym. She sang the praises of her trainer, Dean DeLandro revealing the two worked out five times a week.

Demi revealed, “We usually work on my glutes, abs, and conditioning my body sessions with some cardio.”

And according to Demi’s recent share, she has secured the services of another trainer as she turns up the intensity of her fitness regime.

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