Demi Rose nourishes her soul with delectable views

Demi Rose selfie
Demi Rose is remembering her Egypt trip. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Although she recently returned home, it wasn’t long before Demi Rose shared highlights from a recent spiritual trip that saw the model channeling her inner goddess.

Over the weekend, the 27-year-old beauty expressed gratitude about returning to her oasis. 

Days earlier, Demi had been on a magnificent vacation, hitting destinations on the famed Nile River and taking photos. A few notable stops included Egypt and the scenic Elephantine Island, where Demi donned traditional attire and showed her spiritual side.

It appeared that Demi was truly in her element, but like all good things, her trip ended. 

However, as it turned out, Demi still had some content to share with fans.

Demi treated her 19.8 million followers and followers to a jam-packed Instagram carousel featuring curves and delicacies.

Demi Rose shares new Egypt content from a recent trip

The first picture showed Demi wearing a gorgeous golden garment with her eyes closed as she sipped from a champagne flute full of rosé. In front of Demi was a full spread of food, including a cappuccino, orange juice, croissants, bread, and jam. 

As Demi looked over the bright blue waters, the sun shone down upon her, adding an extra glow to her beautiful skin. The sky was cloudless, and the image looked straight from a postcard. 

The second shot featured the talented model wearing a silky green gown. She held a green leather bag, rocking green and brown cowboy boots as her long tresses moved with the wind. 

In the third image, Demi struck a pensive pose while sitting inside a boat on the water. She wore an intricately designed black garment with gold embellishments, adding to the glamour of the look.

Finally, Demi held a cold coffee drink with the Great Pyramid of Giza as the stunning backdrop for the fabulous picture. 

Demi’s caption was simple, reading, “Recently.”

The Egyptian architecture in the background appeared real. Conversely, it looked like the snacks in Demi’s post were just for show. 

As Demi previously revealed, she typically avoids carbs and sugar at all costs. 

Demi Rose details low-carb diet and exercise

Demi told Women Fitness about her restrictive diet, which included a commitment to eating healthy.

Demi shared, “I am always very aware of what I eat and love eating healthily. I try to avoid as much carbs as I can, and I never eat bread, pasta, and I avoid sugar at all costs.”

Luckily for Demi, she has the help of a professional to keep her toned figure in check.

She credited her trainer Dean DeLandro and explained some of her favorite areas to exercise.

Demi continued, “We usually work on my glutes, abs, and conditioning my body sessions with some cardio.”

As Demi continues to evolve, she looks better than ever.

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