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Demi Rose in sheer underwear is ‘constantly evolving’

Demi Rose poses close up
Demi Rose poses close up. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi Rose is showing off her bombshell curves in a jaw-dropping lingerie display.

The British model continues to delight her rising social media fanbase. With 19.9 million followers on Instagram, fans can likely expect a major celebration as Demi will probably hit 20 million soon.

Posting this week, Demi ditched her bikinis and swimsuits for a lingerie set, going sheer but staying classy as ever.

Drawing attention to her 24-inch waist, Demi donned a plunging and balconette-style bra in black, going see-through and embellished. She added in matching bottoms, standing amid warm golden lighting and holding a cute little red parasol.

Showing off her figure as she stood with closed eyes, Demi also wore a sheer and short lacy duster. She tagged herself home in Ibiza, Spain, writing:

“Constantly evolving. Steadily revolving.”

Also this week, Demi posted another stunning pic of herself living it up in Ibiza. In this shot, she was pictured sprawled out at the side of a luxurious and massive bathtub.

Demi wore a lacy white bodice with a beautiful Chanel necklace which showed off her fantastic physique as she crossed her legs and appeared super relaxed. Her stunning brown hair fell down over the edge of the bath.

Inside the bath itself was a layer of rose petals which gave the whole scene a very romantic feeling.

Demi captioned the post, “Home sweet home ❤️”

This post quickly racked up a massive 160,000 likes.

Demi’s summer 2022 posts came with a mish-mash of locations as she jet-setted around. She spent much of August in Mykonos, Greece, and one photo brought out the island’s architecture. Demi posed in a strapless and figure-hugging dress on August 21, reclining against an old and blue-painted doorway while showing off her shapely legs.

“Doesn’t it hurt your mind, me being on it all the time?” she captioned the image.

Demi Rose pushing on with life after tragedy

Shortly before the pandemic, Demi sadly lost both her parents under eight months apart. She has opened up about coping with grief and loss.

“I’ve lost both of my parents, my dad cancer and my mum had a heart attack which caused a stroke when I was 17 and I was left as her carer as she was left disabled. I was caring for her for so many years, about 7 years,” she told a Pretty Little Thing podcast. Ensuring her message helped others, the brunette beauty continued:

“And I think if I can inspire people by talking about grief, then you know if they can relate to me and they can understand it a little bit and I can help them then that’s important to me.”

Demi also explained that the traumatic experience of losing both her parents in such a short timescale had made her “grow up really fast.”

In the past, the model has paid tribute to both her mom and dad on Instagram by posting old photos from the family.

According to the New York Style Guide, Demi’s parents played a key role in guiding their daughter’s career sending her to stage school in an effort to help her overcome shyness.

Demi Rose on the red carpet
Demi Rose’s career continues to expand as she reaches new heights of fame. Pic credit: ©

Demi Rose’s career is on the up

In 2020, Demi ditched Fashion Nova to sign with the clothing label’s rival, Pretty Little Thing.

Demi holds an ambassador status with the label and has released two edits with them.

Demi has also been shouting out Dior a lot on social media – no word of a deal yet, though.

Demi on the red carpet
Demi pictured here in 2018 attending a Halloween event in London, England. Pic credit: ©

The model spent time in Miami, Florida, before returning to England to help look after her mom.