Demi Rose has entered her red hair era as we head toward winter

Demi Rose face
Demi Rose is entering her red hair era. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi Rose Mawby is switching up her look in a major way.

Fall is here and with that, many celebrities are making huge style changes as the temperatures get cooler outside but Demi’s recent change will certainly have temps rising when her fans see her brand new look.

The social media star recently teased fans with a new photo as she made a major hair change. On the snap, Demi teases, “Oh you’re not ready” as she tagged her salon.

The picture was of Demi getting her hair colored and she’s right, we’re definitely not ready. Normally the natural brunette sports either dark brown or blonde highlighted tresses but now she’s changed up her look so much that we can’t wait to see the picture sets that are coming.

The first photo of the new hair tease was pretty tame. All we can see in it is Demi’s face and her still-processing hair. We can also see her ear jewelry, with three different earrings shining bright in the picture along with her enviably perfect complexion.

The second two photos were the reveal and it’s safe to say that she’s giving big Ariel vibes from The Little Mermaid.

Demi Rose colors her hair
Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

After Demi got her hair done, she shared a couple of mirror selfies to share her new look. Topless for the photos, Demi made sure her long hair was perfectly placed to avoid any unintentional racy shots.

Demi Rose goes red
Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi’s long red hair flowed down across her chest, which was uncovered for the impromptu photo session.

Demi Rose’s new hair is drastically different from recent St. Lucia snaps

Demi Rose really changed her hair up a lot and that can be seen by comparing it to her recent pictures from St. Lucia.

Surely not many people were even paying attention to her hair, considering the bikini she wore was very sheer and if not for some very strategic flower embellishments, would have been far too racy even for Instagram.

In the photos, Demi’s hair was brunette with heavy blonde highlights, giving her a sun-kissed look to compliment the summer she spent vacationing in several amazing places including Santorini, Greece, and St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Demi Rose wows in a blue dress

Demi Rose is a huge fan of showing off her incredible curves and her 19.9 million Instagram followers eat it up.

Right before sharing her stunning bikini photos, Demi wowed everyone with pictures of herself in a plunging blue dress while leaning back across both a marble bench and her vacation bed.

The dress dipped low in the front with a v-neck that stopped below her sternum and held together with a ribbon that ran around her ribcage right below her breasts.

The bottom of the dress was just as tantalizing as the solid fabric stopped at the top of her thighs, showing off her shapely legs. The dress continued on, fully sheer, from her thighs down past her feet, giving a huge mermaid vibe.