Demi Rose goes animal print for cat-themed shoot

Demi Rose smiles for a selfie
Demi Rose stunned in an animal-print-themed photoshoot. Pic credit: @demirose/Instagram

In a recent photoshoot, British model Demi Rose sent hearts racing in skimpy lingerie.

Demi relaxed on a sofa, showing her long slender legs as she gazed into the camera. 

In the photos, she wore lace lingerie and a leopard-print coat that was lined with black feathers. 

The sofa also featured a different leopard-print design along with a photo of the animal in the backdrop for a big cat theme. 

The photoshoot combined vintage-style hand-carved furniture pieces with a luxurious aesthetic. 

In the second photo of the Instagram share, the stunning model posed with her legs crossed while sitting on the sofa and looking away from the camera. 

In the third and final slide, Demi gave a sensual pose with one of her arms above her head. 

She wrote, “Meow ?,” in the caption of the post and credited photographer Danny DeSantos.

Demi puts a lot of hard work into her sensational physique and has opened up about her diet and fitness regimen.

Demi Rose explains her workout routine and eating habits

In an interview with Women’s Fitness, the social media star gave some insight into her impressive training regimen. 

When asked about how she trains, she went into detail about her fitness routine. 

“I have an amazing Personal Trainer, Dean DeLandro; he always creates the best training programs for me to reach my goals,” she said.

She continued, “I train with Dean four times or more a week for one hour each time. We usually work on my glutes, abs and conditioning my body sessions with some cardio.” 

She was also asked about her diet and told the outlet that she avoids carbs and sugar in general, and keeps bread and pasta completely out of her diet.

Demi recently opened up about her strict exercise routine in a recent Instagram Story in which she revealed that she works out five times a week with two training sessions in one day.

Demi Rose opens up about ‘The Goddess Experience’

In a recent photoshoot, Demi rocked a stylish gold swimsuit with an Egyptian aesthetic. 

The model recently spent time in Egypt and shared a series of stunning photos from her vacation. 

In a recent Instagram share, she wrote about her experience, adding in the caption, “The Goddess Experience is the honoring of yourself and who you are, what you wish to become, and how you are going to do it.”

She shared three photos in the outfit in which she posed with a completely glam look, and her brunette hair was brushed and styled backward. 

Demi gave a close-up of her face in the second snap, and in the final snap, she posed with her hands on a wall and her back arched. 

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