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Demi Moore in tiny string bikini teaches pup to swim

Demi Moore
Demi Moore is teaching her dog to swim while wearing a tiny bikini. Pic credit: © Purvis/Admedia

Demi Moore and her chihuahua Pilaf go almost everywhere together, as the little pup is a frequent star on Demi’s Instagram page.

Demi herself is becoming more and more of a social media star, especially after her swimsuit collaboration with Andie this summer.

Although summer might be close to being over, it’s still warm enough on the beach to go for a swim or two and wear swimsuits one last time before they go into the closet for the year.

Demi’s recent beach outing was a bit of an educational experience for Pilaf, as Demi noted that Pilaf was getting “swimming lessons.”

In the short video clip, Demi is seen wading in the tide of the ocean wearing a tiny string bikini as she guides her dog to the shore.

Demi and the person filming are heard congratulating Pilaf as she splashes out of the water, wagging her tail.

Pilaf has been to a lot of places this year, not just the beach. She frequently joins Demi on boat trips and even went to France with the actress, getting to go inside the Louvre despite their no-pet policy.

Demi Moore tucks dog into her shirt at the Louvre

Of course, Pilaf had to go with Demi to the Louvre regardless of their policy on animals.

In the three-photo post, Demi wrote, “Pilaf takes the Louvre,” and opened with a shot of her holding Pilaf in front of the Mona Lisa.

The two other photos show Pilaf tucked into Demi’s shirt, just poking her head out of the blue fabric.

Whether or not Demi snuck Pilaf in or was simply allowed to bring her self-proclaimed “travel buddy” with her is unknown.

Demi Moore in thigh-skimming dress poses with ‘travel buddy’

Later in summer, after their visit to the Louvre, Demi shared another fashionable photo with little Pilaf at her side, or rather, at her chest.

Demi posed in front of a metal gate and stunning brick architecture. The building featured a lot of beautiful greenery and blue shutters that stood out against the background.

Demi was dressed in blue as well, wearing a casual blue button-up dress with her purse over her shoulder. She finished the look with a watch, white tennis shoes, and some sunglasses.

She also wore a blue baby sling around her torso. Parents generally use them to keep their babies close to them, and Demi was doing the same, as Pilaf was tucked into the fabric.

Demi simply captioned the post, “Travel buddy.”