Demi Lovato shows BTS with the band to show boyfriend love

Demi Lovato holy fvck
Demi Lovato shared a touching post to commemorate the Holy Fvck tour so far and showed love to their boyfriend. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Demi Lovato shared a heartwarming post that extended a feeling of love to their boyfriend today and their fans.

The singer has been hard at work with back-to-back performances as part of the Holy Fvck tour. The purpose of Demi’s Holy Fvck tour was to promote their album by the same name, Holy Fvck, which Demi dropped in August.

The latest effort was Demi’s eighth studio album and the first created entirely sober.

Luckily for Demi fans, a tour means that they receive more content from their favorite singer.

Demi hasn’t disappointed on the social media front, with consistent posts from backstage and on stage.

The latest post by the singer showed a montage of Demi’s best tour moments so far.

Demi Lovato takes fans backstage and shows love for boyfriend

The video began with Demi applying their makeup with bright red lips and lines underneath their eyes. As they looked in the mirror, Demi rocked short black hair with blunt bangs.

Demi told a group of musicians that they were going to warm up and have a great performance. The group placed their hands in the center of a circle before shouting in solidarity.

Next, Demi walked toward a man who happened to be their boyfriend, Jutes. While Jutes sat on a couch, Demi approached their man and gave them an embrace. The two shared a brief canoodle before the clip changed again.

Demi showed off their sheer outfit, as the singer has adopted a bit of a gothic look lately, with a touch of punk. Demi wore a see-through shirt and played their guitar with a crowd in the background.

The clip then showed Demi’s adoring fans, who sang words of praise for their favorite singer.

Demi’s boyfriend showed love in the comments section, writing, “welp i miss u already. adore u baby,” with three kissy faces.

demi lovato comment jutes
Pic credit: @ddlovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato’s boyfriend Jutes

For fans who didn’t know, Demi has a new boyfriend, a Canadian independent musician named Jutes.

Jutes, real name Jordan Lutes, was confirmed by PEOPLE to be dating Demi in August.

When Demi threw a star-studded 30th birthday bash, Jutes was on hand to show support.

And although the relationship is in its beginning stages, sources told the magazine that the couple was very happy.

A source told the publication, “Demi feels happy and fulfilled right now. Life is good. [Jutes’] encouragement and respect have helped her immensely.”

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