Demi Lovato shares poetry with passionate words

Demi Lovato face
Demi Lovato is feeling poetic. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Demi Lovato shared mysterious words and some beautiful photos as the singer piqued the interest of her followers.

The Heart Attack songstress took to Instagram to share a four-part carousel and a brief poem.

While the poem didn’t have context, it could be lyrics from an upcoming musical effort.

Demi released her eighth album, Holy Fvck, last year, marking her first album after newfound sobriety. 

The Disney Channel alum beautifully welcomed Wednesday with an edgy photoshoot, which took place at night.

Dark skies served as the stunning backdrop, allowing Demi to take center stage.

Demi Lovato shares a poem and beautiful images

The first picture showed Demi looking to the side, with dewy skin and rosy cheeks. She wore a stylish black leather jacket and a lace garment underneath.

The second show revealed Demi, still standing in the mysterious location, gazing fiercely at the camera with parted lips.

The final two images featured Demi posing and showing her black gown had a short hem.

In a caption accompanying the post, she wrote, “My blood my loins My lungs my noise It’s mine Or I’m just swine.”

Although Demi didn’t give more details, it would be fair to assume she will. 

After all, Demi has been open about her life, from her sobriety journey to her eating habits.

Demi Lovato’s tour diet secrets

When Demi is on tour, she performs night after night, burning major calories as she entertains the masses. And because food fuels the body, Demi has to choose the proper ingredients to ensure optimal functioning.

Demi spoke with Women’s Health about her touring diet, from a daily breakfast of oatmeal, and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit, to various other healthy snacks.

A few standout dishes included turkey meatballs with kale salad and sweet potato and chicken tostada on a corn tortilla with lettuce. 

As Demi revealed in an interview accompanying the meal plan, she made different lifestyle choices on tour.

For example, Demi might enjoy a late-night cardio session to accommodate her hectic schedule.

As for specifics, Demi revealed that she exercised six times per week. 

She said, “One element of my regime is doing cardio five times a week: alternating running and brisk walks at an incline on the treadmill and spinning.”

In addition to cardio, Demi revealed her core workout favorites.

She continued, “I keep my core strong with planks, crunches, push-ups, lying glute push-ups and bridges to strengthen my body and prevent injury when I’m on stage.”

And when Demi’s done with cardio, she doesn’t simply lounge. She does yoga or walks for active recovery.

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