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Demi Lovato rocks out in schoolgirl outfit and fishnets

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato is kicking off her latest tour in a rocker schoolgirl outfit featuring black boots and fishnets. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Demi Lovato is plugged in and amped up as she begins her latest tour for the release of her latest album, Holy Fvck.

The tour began on Saturday and is set to go through November 6, 2022. The album makes its official debut this Friday, August 19.

As she took the stage for her first stop, her outfit was a bit of a rocker throwback to early 2000s fashion, hinting at some inspiration from Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

One shot shows Demi as she belts into the microphone, feathered hair a mess over her face.

She’s wearing a long-sleeve white button-up shirt that’s halfway tucked into a plaid checkered skirt, channeling a schoolgirl outfit vibe.

She finished the outfit with fishnets and some black boots. The outfit was a great match for the white and black guitar seen slung over her shoulder in the last picture.

Demi Lovato kicks off tour in thigh-skimming miniskirt and fishnets

The singer shared several shots of herself on stage and dedicated some photos to the crowd and her fans. She wrote, “Aaaaaand we’re back baby!!!! You guys were inCREDIBLE!!! I’m so grateful for you ALL [three black heart emojis] #HOLYFVCKTOUR.”

The outfit is similar to one she wore at a previous rehearsal earlier this month, so this may be a theme on her new tour.

Demi Lovato discusses using multiple pronouns, new boyfriend

Aside from preparing for her upcoming tour, Demi has welcomed a few different changes into her life over the past few weeks.

The star came forward and revealed that she wanted to start using she/her pronouns along with they/them as she feels more feminine at this time in her life.

She opened up about the fluidity of her gender, noting that things could change repeatedly throughout her life, and she may not settle on one identity or another.

As she embraces her feminine side this year, she also announced that she is in a new romantic relationship after almost two years of being single.

Historically, Demi has gone from one relationship to another pretty fast. Still, after her engagement ended in 2020, she decided to take things a bit slower and enjoy some time to herself.

At this time, she has not revealed who her new boyfriend is, only that he is a musician as well and that the two are very happy together and have a healthy relationship.