Demi Lovato is getting in the Halloween spirit with stunning before and afters

Demi Lovato dresses up
Demi Lovato looks stunning as they get ready for Halloween. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Demi Lovato is a huge fan of Halloween. Recently coming back from Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary, the Heart Attack singer seemed like they were in a festive mood.  

They posted a mirror selfie in what appeared to be a dressing room Wednesday Night.

Their makeup was already done, so Demi took a selfie with a dark smokey eye, thick eyebrows, and a nude matte lip.

They kept their hair straight and pulled back in a small ponytail so fans could fully view their vampy makeup. 

The 29 singer was seen looking super comfortable in a beige cropped sweater that showed a peak of their white sports bra.

They paired the look with matching sweatpants, giving a fan a great look at their cozy look.  

Demi Lovato before picture
Demi Lovato shows fans what they look like before they dress up for Halloween. Pic credit:@ddlovato/Instagram

Giving a sneak peek at what was to come, Demi showed their fans a picture of the classic Pillsbury cookies with Halloween pumpkins printed on them.

Demi Lovato baking cookies
Demi Lovato baking cookies between getting ready. Pic credit:@ddlovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato shows off their skimpy Halloween costume 

In their next Instagram Story, their look took a complete 180. The 30-year-old singer wore a white shirt left purposely unbuttoned for a plunging neckline. The seams of the shoulders were lined with silver safety pins that followed halfway through their arms. A black skull design was imprinted on the breast pocket to add to the spooky appeal.  

They paired the look with a tiny black plaid skirt. To add some to the look, they wore fishnet stockings that really pulled together the schoolgirl costume. 

For their accessories, they kept things simple with multiple silver earrings, including one with a hanging cross and a huge cross ring. 

Their makeup remained the same for the most part, but now opting for a glossy lip instead. Their hair, however, was completely different; no longer pulled back, they gelled their hair up and embraced their natural curls.

Demi Lovato dressed as a school girl
Demi Lovato’s after photo for Holloween. Pic credit:@ddlovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato has been loving the gothic look lately 

Demi really likes the gothic aesthetic, and not just in their Halloween costumes. In a recent Instagram carousel, they were seen with their boyfriend, Jutes. The two were seen in matching leather outfits as they posed, hugging one another. The Sorry Not Sorry singer wore a studded black tube top with a black mesh top underneath.  

They paired the top with shiny leather pants and a matching black studded belt with a couple of metal chains hanging from the waist.  

Jutes kept it simple with a white t-shirt and a coordinating leather jacket. The indie rockstar also made sure to have his own chain as well attached to his dark brown pants. The couple really looked adorable together.

Demi also showed off the dark and gloomy look for a photoshoot for the cover of Spin Magazine. Rocking a mullet hairdo, they paired the look with lots of leather in a couple of different outfits.

One look featured an oversized black leather jacket with a pair of baggy wide-leg marbled leather pants with a black chocker and some leather gloves.

Demi’s second outfit featured a skintight dark red pantsuit that showcased all their curves and amazingly toned physique.

Demi is social media royalty with a whopping 141 million followers on Instagram, and each of the singer’s posts picks up 100s of thousands of likes.

The singer showed off their incredible range of outfits in another recent post. Demi wore a skintight leopard print long dress with a faux fur-piped red coat and chunky black platform shoes. However, her pitch-black hair did still maintain a somewhat gothic look.

In the lengthy carousel, Demi also rocked a checkered and tartan blue miniskirt with a white shirt in a gothic schoolgirl type outfit.

This post picked up Demi nearly half a million likes.

Of course, Demi can totally mix things up, and the singer can often look completely different from all the above looks when it comes to a fancy red carpet event. The following yellow ballroom-style gown proves that Demi has an outfit for all occasions.

Demi Lovato in a yellow ballgown
Demi looked incredible in a yellow gown for a red carpet event. Pic credit: ©

Demi always looks incredible no matter what the singer wears.

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