Demi Lovato gets stylish courtside with boyfriend Jutes

demi lovato face
Demi Lovato sat courtside during an LA Clippers game. Pic credit: ©

Demi Lovato sat courtside at a recent Los Angeles Clippers game, but before arriving at the arena, the singer did a fit check.

The singer took to social media to share content before and at the game.

As fans would soon learn, Demi’s boyfriend, Canadian musical artist Jutes, accompanied her.

Demi made headlines in 2021 for being nonbinary, but recently she updated her pronouns to include she/her.

The Heart Attack songstress explained that gender was a fluid concept, and she had been feeling her divine feminine as of late. The former Barney star has been a trailblazer in the LGBTQIA+ community, championing complex topics like gender identity and sexuality.

But for Demi’s recent posts, shared with her 149 million Instagram followers, it was all about date night.

Demi Lovato attends Los Angeles Clippers game with her boyfriend Jutes

Demi’s first IG Story took place in her bathroom, which has served as the backdrop of many photos throughout the years. 

The singer’s dark tresses were slicked back from her face, allowing her beauty and makeup to shine. 

demi pre-game
Demi Lovato took a selfie before attending a basketball game. Pic credit: @ddlovato/Instagram

The Disney Channel alum donned ultra-lined eyes, lengthy lashes, and rosy cheeks. 

She held the camera above her head, striking a pose and working her angles.

Part of Demi’s black outfit was visible, with a leather moto jacket and black lace under the garment. The lace and leather combination was the perfect mix of trendy and feminine.

For the second IG Story, Demi posed with her man, and the two wore matching leather jackets.

While it was unclear if the happy couple planned on matching, it looked like the lovers were on the same vibe.

demi jutes
Demi Lovato posed at a basketball game with her boyfriend, Jutes. Pic credit: @ddlovato/Instagram

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Clippers lost the game. But it looked like the sports-loving Demi had a blast.

Demi Lovato’s MMA workout

One of Demi’s favorite sports involves martial arts. In fact, Demi has revealed that MMA training was her secret to a healthy figure.

Demi got specific in an interview with Pop Sugar, detailing her weekly fitness schedule. According to Demi, she took charge of her health after feeling groggy and unfit.

She revealed, “I was tired of feeling lethargic and not taking care of my body. I decided to change that, so I got a trainer and I started working out. 

Demi works out quite a bit, but she does take one day off a week.

The singer continued, “I work out six days a week and I take Sundays off. Several days I’ll do an hour of cardio, and several days a week I’ll do an hour of strength training.” 

MMA and strength training happen to be Demi’s go-to workouts. Stepping into the ring allows the singer to channel her energy healthily.

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