Demi Lovato dazzles in black and white at UNICEF event

demi lovato smile
Demi Lovato is all smiles in black and white at a Unicef event wearing black. Pic credit: ©

Demi Lovato looked fabulous and chic as they showed off their fashionable and charitable sides.

The singer was on hand for the 2022 UNICEF Gala, held at The Glasshouse in New York City. Other big names in attendance included Alyssa Milano and Laurie Hernandez.

The UNICEF Gala coincided with Giving Tuesday, which concluded a weekend of consumerism with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday preceding the event. While customers are encouraged to take advantage of deals for the shopping holidays, Giving Tuesday was all about giving resources to the less fortunate.

Demi wasn’t merely a celebrity on hand to walk the red carpet. The singer also performed at the 2022 UNICEF Gala for a crowd of wealthy and philanthropic attendees.

And Demi certainly gave one of their biggest resources, their voice, to a lucky group of gala attendees who paid big bucks to attend the UNICEF Gala.

Demi treated their 143 million Instagram followers, or Lovatics, to a carousel featuring two of their looks: a black and white dress and a braless pantsuit with a plunging blazer.

Demi Lovato stuns for 2022 UNICEF Gala

Demi’s first photo showed the singer on the red carpet, posing and looking to their side.

They wore a Fall 2022 Hellessy gown with a black silhouette and large, off-the-shoulder sleeves. The gown’s hem touched the ground, and Demi added to the elegance of the look with a pair of opera gloves. The singer wore two David Yurman rings over the gloves, adding to the elegant vibe of the look.

Once inside, Demi performed, and their performance outfit appeared in the final picture, taken in a dressing room. Demi’s last picture featured the performance look with a black blazer, nothing underneath, and matching pants.

Demi’s dark hair was short with swept bangs. For makeup, they rocked a glossy pout and rosy cheeks.

But Demi isn’t only a lover; the singer has also expressed interest in fighting.

Demi Lovato’s hardcore workouts

Demi has revealed that MMA fighting has become a big part of their workout routine.

Demi told Pop Sugar about their hardcore workout regimen, hitting the gym six days a week.

The singer explained, “I’ll work out for two hours where I’ll do an hour of cardio and an hour of MMA, or I’ll do an hour of strength training and an hour of MMA.”

Demi explained that physical health was a part of the hierarchy of needs that went hand in hand with mental health.

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