Demi Lovato celebrates performance in stylish outfit

demi lovato
Demi Lovato celebrates the end of their Holy Fvck tour in style. Pic credit: ©

Demi Lovato‘s Holy Fvck has been winding down, but their fashionable ensembles and killer vocals have continued in full force.

Demi finally finished the tour after a performance last night in Rosemont, Illinois.

But the singer ended things on a high note, in every sense of the phrase.

Demi sang their heart out for a crowd filled with Lovatics. The tour marked the first time in years that Demi could perform their songs for fans.

Demi has been posting photos from their final performance on their Instagram Stories all day, which has undoubtedly been an emotional one for the singer.

Demi’s 142 million Instagram followers have been the lucky recipients of photos from the stage.

Demi Lovato sings their heart out for last tour date

In an amazing picture, Demi grabbed the microphone with both hands as they closed their eyes and got into the moment.

They pivoted their hips in a miniskirt with fishnet stockings and studded ankle boots. The pleated miniskirt was black with a silver chain around the hips featuring dangling pendants.

Demi rocked their signature messy bob with dark and wild tresses.

demi lovato skirt
Pic credit: @ddlovato/Instagram

The set featured the grungy ambiance and cool-toned lighting that fans have become accustomed to since Demi started the tour in August. Curtains cascaded in the stage’s background, adding a gothic vibe to the set design.

As Demi completed their tour, it was a stark reminder of how far the singer had come.

Demi’s tour began at the same time the singer dropped Holy Fvck, their eighth studio album. The tour started in North America before winding down to South America, then heading back to the States. Demi went north of the border briefly before heading to Atlanta, Texas, and finally, Illinois.

Demi showed stamina as the singer performed the three month-long tour almost without a hitch.

Demi Lovato’s workout favorites

Demi has turned to fitness in the past as a way to get their endorphins flowing.

Demi’s favorite workouts include those that incorporate some sort of martial art.

Demi told Self in 2018, “Typically, I do a lot of circuit training. I actually love training MMA, mixed martial arts. That’s how I get a lot of my cardio in.”

The singer continued, “I also love training jiu-jitsu. I incorporate cardio in my strength and conditioning, so every time I work out, I do cardio and strength, too.”

Of course, running around the stage for two hours also serves as an effective cardio workout.

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Douglas vail
Douglas vail
16 days ago

Demi you’re a fabulous singer and entertainer 😊👍