Demi Lovato celebrates first Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Jutes

Demi Lovato face
Demi Lovato joyfully celebrated her first Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Jutes. Pic credit: ©

Demi Lovato had love on the brain as the singer celebrated her first Valentine’s Day being in a couple with Canadian music artist Jutes.

The Disney Channel alum made more headlines than usual in 2021 after coming out as nonbinary and adopting the pronouns they/them.

However, as Demi informed many people, her gender, like her sexuality, exists on a spectrum. In 2022, after releasing the highly-anticipated Holy Fvck, Demi channeled her inner femininity. As a result, she altered pronouns to include she/her.

One way that Demi has channeled her feminine side has been through her new boyfriend, Jutes. 2023 marked Jutes and Demi’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple, which, of course, was a big deal.

Accordingly, Demi shared a Jutes-themed post with touching moments from her relationship thus far.

Demi’s 149 million Instagram followers were among the first to receive the lovely post.

Demi Lovato celebrates Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, Jutes

The first photo in Demi’s jam-packed IG carousel featured her having a soft embrace with Jutes while backstage at the Holy Fvck tour. Demi and Jutes shared a kiss while standing in front of a vending machine. Both artists wore all-black and chains, with lots of leather for two stylish looks.

The second picture showed Demi and Jutes sitting courtside at a Los Angeles Clippers game with crossed legs and smiles. A third picture had a lovely Polaroid shot from a recent outing when the two attended the annual Clive Davis Grammys Bash, held each year in Los Angeles.

A swipe right saw Demi lounging in ankle-deep water with Jutes behind her with his arms open wide. The couple smiled as they soaked up the sun in paradise, rocking their best swimming attire.

Finally, Demi posted a video that she recorded of her boyfriend bobbing his head to the music while she laughed in delight.

She wrote, “Life has become so enriched by you. Life has become a dream come true. I’m so beyond grateful to have found my person in you. Falling asleep and waking up next to my best friend has made me so filled w joy I can’t even begin to explain.. my best friend, soul mate, twin flame, honeybun.. and the list goes on… the fun and laughs never stop w you.”

In Demi’s caption, she praised her man and thanked him for being so wonderful.

Although Demi and Jutes have only been together a short while, it’s clear they have made a lot of memories.

Another thing that was clear in the post was Demi’s amazing skin.

Demi Lovato’s skincare secrets

One of Demi’s most beautiful features has always been her glowing skin. Unsurprisingly, Demi hired the best of the best to ensure hydrated and vibrant skin. Demi’s facialist, Renee Rouleau, detailed the singer’s favorite items and must-have masks.

Additionally, Renee shared a picture of Demi during and after the face mask process on her Instagram. Fans could see that Demi looked radiant in the images.

As Renee revealed in another interview, Demi would fly her facialist to different locations on tour when she needed a touch-up.

Renee also divulged that Demi’s post-flight go-to item is the Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, retailing for $88.50. The peel has Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Mandelic, Phytic, and Tartaric Acids for chemical exfoliation and smooth skin.

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