Demi Lovato all smiles with Goo Goo Dolls front man John Rzeznik

Demi on the red carpet
Demi Lovato at a Los Angeles event. Pic credit: ©

While touring the country for their new album, Demi Lovato stunned fans as they performed alongside Goo Goo Dolls lead singer John Rzeznik.

Performing the Goo Goo Doll’s 1998 song Iris, Lovato donned a red leather outfit complete with metal spikes and chains.

With their cropped black hair framing their face, Lovato also wore black fingernail polish and a dark eyeliner look that perfectly matched their new music style.

The pair sang to a crowd in New York City’s Beacon Theatre.

Lovato, who’s currently on their Holy Fvck tour, thanked Rzeznik for joining them on stage via Instagram.

Sharing a photo of the two to their 141 million followers, Lovato shared gratitude for the 56-year-old singer-songwriter, saying, “Thank you again John!! This meant so much to me.”

Demi Lovato’s new music sound

This past August, the Camp Rock star released their eighth studio album, Holy Fvck. 

Featuring elements of rock, punk, and heavy metal, the album has gained the singer-actress a resurgence in the music industry. Lovato has also been switching up their personal style as of late, opting for bold makeup looks and darker-colored clothing.

When asked about their pop music background, they shared with VOGUE in August that it didn’t feel the most authentic, revealing, “I’m proud of that work, but it didn’t make me happy. There was always this kind of emptiness that I felt, because I was trying to be someone that I wasn’t.”

On the musical influences she had growing up, the New Mexico native shared, “I started getting into rock music when I was about 12. What transitioned me into that was the emo and scene days. I was raised in Texas, so I was around a lot of [country music]. My mom listened to R&B, Motown, and pop, so I listened to that growing up too.”

“But whenever I was able to choose my own music, I started listening to emo scene bands, and then I got into hardcore music and some metal. That’s when I ended up making my first album, when I was 15,” Lovato continued.

The singer’s relationship with Jute$

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Lovato recently stepped out with new boyfriend, fellow musician Jute$.

Jute$, who’s from Canada, reportedly helped to write a few songs for Lovato’s latest album. 

Confirming his love for the Sorry Not Sorry singer for their 30th birthday this past August, Jute$ wrote on Instagram, “happy birthday baby. ur a 30 year old minx and i’m the luckiest schmuck in the world cuz i get to call u mine.”

“i’m so proud of u for not only surviving everything you’ve been through but coming out on top and becoming ur healthiest happiest sweetest self. and that’s all u baby,” he lovingly continued. “i’m just here to support u and tell stupid dad jokes when needed.”

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