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David Duchovny in shirtless show off after workout and grocery store run with younger girlfriend

Close up of David Duchovny on the red carpet
David Duchovny has been working out and shopping in LA. Pic credit: © bukley

The X-Files actor David Duchovny was spotted without his shirt after a workout and doing a grocery store run with his much younger girlfriend, Monique Pendleberry.

The 62-year-old actor was seen out and about in Los Angeles with 29-year-old Pendleberry. The pair were photographed leaving the gym before having a pitstop at the trendy health store, Erewhon.

To say the couple was casually dressed is a major understatement, but to be fair to them, they were leaving the gym, not a movie premiere.

Duchovny was wearing maroon-colored sweatpants and not much else as he changed shirts.

The actor clearly looked fantastic for his age as fans got a glimpse of a slim figure with toned back muscles.

Duchovny passed his 62nd birthday just ten days ago, and he obviously shows no signs of slowing down.

David Duchovny shirtless
David Duchovny flashed his back after a workout at the gym. Pic credit: Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

David Duchovny and Monique Pendleberry snapped leaving health store

The Californication actor and Pendleberry were both snapped as they exited the LA health store.

Duchovny had now added a grey T-shirt with the printed words, “It’s not fitness, it’s life,” across the front. He also wore shades and a pink COVID-19 face mask.

Pendleberry was also dressed for exercise; her toned body was adorned with a white long-sleeved sports shirt and figure-hugging black sports shorts. She also had trainers and black sports socks.

The pair had clearly opened their wallets up wide as Duchovny was pushing a seriously overloaded shopping cart, which was actually spilling its produce onto the tarmac.

Pendleberry was carrying a big blue bag, which also appeared pretty full of goods.

David Duchovny and Monique Pendleberry leave grocery store
David Duchovny and Monique Pendleberry were snapped on their way out of the health food store. Pic credit: Clint Brewer Photography / A.I.M / BACKGRID

David Duchovny celebrates third album coming out on vinyl

David Duchovny has proved himself to be multi-talented ever since he first became a household name for playing Agent Fox Mulder in The X-Files. As well as attaining a successful movie career, he has become a published novelist and singer-songwriter with three recorded albums.

Last week he took to Instagram to celebrate his third album, 2021’s Gestureland, being released on vinyl. He posted a video of himself singing Layin’ on the Tracks, which came from the Gestureland album.

At the time of writing, his video had over 55,000 views and nearly 10,000 likes.

Duchovny wasn’t the only male Hollywood actor to espouse the virtues of working out and go shirtless this month. A couple of weeks ago, The Departed actor, Mark Wahlberg, showed off his ripped abs as he prepared for a workout.