David Beador’s girlfriend Lesley Cook posts naked photos of them on Instagram and RHOC fans are like ‘eww’

David Beador and Lesley Cook selfie
David Beador and Lesley Cook made waves with their naked embracing photos. Pic credit: @Lesleyanncook/Instagram

David Beador’s new girlfriend Lesley Cook posted two photos on her Instagram of the two naked and embracing — and if she did it for the shock factor, she certainly got what she wanted.

The pictures were taken in Italy, where the couple are currently spending time together, and showed the pair kissing and cuddling while wearing nothing but shoes and socks.

David previously appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County with ex-wife Shannon Beador, and fans of the show were quick to comment about his and his new love interest Lesley’s decision to pose in their birthday suits.

Viewers weren’t the only ones to weigh in on the naked photos, either, with RHOC star Tamra Judge also throwing shade at David and Lesley as well.

She has been Shannon Beador’s close friend since she joined the show, and she wasn’t going to allow that to happen and not comment about it.

Meanwhile, Lesley took to her Instagram story to defend the critics and call them out. Why shouldn’t she be able to show off her awesome body and take a few shots at The Real Housewives of Orange County cast?

Lesley Cook bragging on Instagram.
Lesley Cook comments about the RHOC stars talking about her. Pic credit: @lesleyanncook/Instagram

Of course, that just brought more comments from RHOC fans who weren’t all enthused with her shenanigans.

David and Lesley have been enjoying time together out of the spotlight, while Shannon Beador currently has someone else she is serious about, boyfriend John Janssen. Lesley yesterday posted a screenshot which appeared to show John looking at one of her Instagram Stories.

Many of the comments about the naked photos were made about David Beador’s tan lines and the fact that he still had socks on.

Others were upset that his bare butt was greeting them on social media and the tweets just kept coming all night long — with many describing Beador and Lesley Cook as “thirsty”.

One of the biggest complaints about the photos was that his children would see them. David and Shannon share three teenage daughters, who fans pointed out would have access to the internet with a very high possibility that they would stumble across the nude pics.

If David and Lesley’s goal was to get people talking by posting the photos, they succeeded. The couple certainly got plenty of attention, but not the most positive by any stretch.

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